AEW and statistics

One of the new ideas AEW will try to introduce is the use of statistics in Pro-Wrestling. So far, we’ve seen a glimpse of this with the importance of win-loss records in AEW, but it can’t only be that. The use of statistics could be an

Too much TV

TV is an important part for every big wrestling promotion. A terrible TV deal could condemn any promotion like we see with IMPACT and ROH right now, but WWE just keeps getting bigger than ever and thanks to the new TV deal they got for NXT

The Dangers of the NXT expansion

The next plan to monopolize the wrestling world from WWE is the creation of several spinoffs of NXT in different parts of the world, while this could be great in several aspects for wrestlers, like guarantee paydays, there’s other aspects

WWE and Fite TV

Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE and the streaming service Fite TV had a meeting about the possibility of WWE purchasing the latter. This streaming service has been fundamental

What happened to ROH?

A year ago, a lot of people would tell you that ROH was in the right path, with growing attendance numbers, a great number of new subscribers to honor club and a lot money made on merchandizing. The sky was the limit for ROH. Now things