5 Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow Part III

With the current event of the world, and people staying at home, social media has become a great resource of entertainment until things go back to normal.


This accounts artwork is just really cool to admire. You’ll also be excited to see every time he updates his current masterpiece with new members of the AEW roster.

Out of Context BTE

An account dedicated on showing you moments of AEW and BTE but without context. Truly a fun account to follow on social media.


Vince McMahon & Googling, a combination you did not know you always wanted to see together is real. The tweet of this account of all we know could actually be real.

Rasslin’ History 101

An incredible account dedicated about the long history of wrestling. This account will help you expand your knowledge of wrestling and appreciate the past of this glorious sport.


An incredible account dedicated to the business side of wrestling. If you want to learn more about the business side of wrestling, you need to follow them ASAP.