4 Wrestling Podcasts You Should Listen to

Wrestling podcasts have gain a lot of popularity and with abundance of them, it makes it hard for people to sometimes choose a podcast to listen. These four podcast are worth checking out and giving them your time.

The Alleged Wrestling Podcast

These Irish lads cover every week on their podcast the latest about wrestling with their incredible sense of humor. This podcast also tackles other subjects that are quite interesting to listen.

Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast

The hosts of this podcast, Andrew and Rich, talk every week about the latest news and their thoughts about the world of pro-wrestling. Their fantasy booking ideas are some of the funniest things you will ever listen in a podcast.


Kefin Mahon, known also for the Attitude Era Podcast, guides Jo Graham in the world of pro-wrestling with episodes focused on some of the most important figures of pro-wrestling. This podcast works so well for new and old fans of wrestling and it’s a fact you will learn a lot thanks to this podcast about the history of wrestling.

Wednesday War Games Podcast

A podcasts dedicated to the ongoing war between AEW and NXT. This podcast covers both sides of “the war” and give their opinion on who was the better show of the week.