Reason Why AEW Should Sign Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy will soon become a free agent and almost any promotion will want Matt Hardy to join their roster. Of all the promotions out there interested in signing him, AEW by far would be the better fit.

Casual Audience

The AEW fanbase is growing slowly and the current fans they have are passionate about the product AEW has to offer. Matt Hardy is a well known wrestler in the wrestling community and him joining AEW could make non-AEW fans take interest in the product.

Matt Hardy, because of how well known he is, he could also bring former wrestling fans that stopped watching wrestling once the Attitude Era ended.

Creative Genius

A very underrated aspect about Matt Hardy is his ability to reinvent his wrestling persona throughout his career. This creativity could help AEW in a lot of ways, especially to their younger talent.

Matt Hardy has years of experience in this business and this knowledge would be very welcomed in AEW.

Social Media

Is a similar why on how The Elite understood early on the importance of social media in today’s wrestling business. Matt Hardy has been able to use social media in a creative way that has allowed fans to see more of his creative side.

Matt Hardy could make AEW’s social media work grow in a way AEW has yet to realize.

The Dark Order

The Dark Oder has been a hit and a miss for AEW. The Dark Order is an interesting idea but it has yet to connect all the way with a good portion of the AEW viewers. The addition and creativity of Matt Hardy could make this faction finally become a success for AEW.

Matt Hardy as the exalted one could be interesting TV to watch and give him interesting things to do every Wednesday.

Dream Matches

Matt Hardy Joining AEW also brings a lot of dream matches that would be interesting to see. Matches against Kenny Omega,Darby Allin, Jon Moxely and more.

If Jeff also signs with AEW, we could see some interesting tag team matches against teams like Lucha Bros, Jurassic Express, SCU and seeing a rematch against The Young Bucks.