Who Should Take the AEW Championship from Chris Jericho?

Chris Jericho’s current run as the AEW champion has been incredible. Jericho has delivered in every department posible, from great matches against Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes, to amazing promos and segments.

The person who takes the title from Jericho will receive a big push but also the responsibilities of being the ace of AEW.

Jon Moxley

The current run of Jon Moxley post his WWE career has been amazing. His matches in the indies, NJPW and AEW have been incredible. The current IWGP US Champion could be in the best guy to get the belt from Jericho.

Moxley has the experience of being a world champion and the AEW fans would not be disappointed if Moxley won the belt from Jericho.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho record against each other is 1-1, so the story is there for them to once and for all set the record on who is the better wrestler.

A win for Omega would be great for his AEW run, since a lot of people are disappointed of his current position in AEW, and this could put him back on track. He is most likely the person that is going to take the belt off Jericho when the right time comes.

Darby Allin

Darby Allin is the one of AEW’s biggest rising stars. His bout against Chris Jericho was really good and putting the belt on one of their biggest future stars would be a good move.

Darby Allin is a fan favorite and has a unique look and wrestling style and him getting the belt could tell some interesting stories with oponentes like Jack Hager, Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, Joey Janela and many more.