Why Kenny Omega & Page vs. The Young Bucks is the Best Tag Team Match in Wrestling History

Last week , the bout between Kenny Omega & Adam Page Page vs. The Young Bucks was awarded 6 stars by Dave Meltzer. This created the debate between wrestling fans on social media if this match was the best tag team match in wrestling history.


The myth of the Young Bucks don’t use storytelling on their matches should end once and for all already. The Bucks literally spent all 2018 with Matt Jackson selling a back injury as a major focal point of their match. This injury would also be a big factor of the match.

The Bucks vs. Omega & Page was a love letter to not only tag team wrestling, but to the way of telling stories in the ring on the modern era of wrestling.

One of the most emotional points of this match was with no doubts the moment when The Bucks attacked Omega with the Golden Trigger (Omega & Ibushi’s tag team finisher), only for Omega to kick out at one in rage for all what The Bucks did to him.

The most important plot point of this match was to elevate Hangman Page into another level. Page was the focal point of this match, especially with his feud between him and Matt Jackson. After this bout, Page was over with even the people not sold with him.

A match that was referenced a lot during this bout was between The Golden Lovers vs. The Bucks back in 2018 (awarded 5 stars by Dave Meltzer) for NJPW. This match served as the template for Omega &Page vs. The Bucks.

Everything Made Sense

This match could’ve easily entered into the category of a spotfest, but the storytelling of the match help the match not being classified a spotfest. Every move and\or action made sense to the story both teams were telling in the ring.

Kenny Omega once more proved why he is one of the best wrestlers in terms of the small things during match. Omega in this match was the driving force of the story even when he was not on camera. His facial expressions or reaction to things happening were just incredible.

Like mentioned before, The Bucks proved they are really good at the storytelling aspects of a match. Matt Jackson in particular was the MVP for The Bucks in terms of expression his emotions in this match.

Omega &Page vs. The Bucks, reward long time fans for paying attention to the matches and careers of all four men in the ring.


This match should be seen by all wrestling fans, tag teams should especially see this match and use it as a template for how to incorporate cool high spots with storytelling aspects on matches.

With all the praise this bout had with fans and critics, there’s no doubts that AEW will book more matches like this one and help other tag teams shine when the right time comes.