The Impact of the Young Stars of AEW

The Wednesday Night Wars has made it clear thanks to the ratings and the use of social media that AEW has a clear advantage on WWE in terms on young demographic.

The AEW roster is by the most part younger than the rosters of SmackDown, RAW and NXT combined, and this plays a factor on why younger fans prefer AEW over WWE.

Social Media

One of AEW’s biggest strengths is their use of social media. Some of the wrestlers in the AEW roster understand how to use social media. MJF might be the best wrestler to use social media right now. Sammy Guevara has also showned in the last couple of weeks his great use of social media.

AEW understands the importance of social media in the current wrestling business, something WWE does not quite understand and their few attempts to use social media have been a failure.


Being the Elite played a big factor on the rise of popularity of The Elite and the birth of AEW. BTE has become one of the most popular wrestling internet shows with its funny vignettes and rewards the Dynamite reviewers with the expansion of storylines and easter eggs.

Sammy Guevara’s blog has become something all wrestling fans should follow. Sammy’s blog has become also a platform for some of the wrestlers in the AEW roster to get over.

The show Road To has been also a highlight of AEW’s programming on YouTube. The shows is as of right now a preview show for Dynamite and allowes wrestlers like PAC, Jungle Boy and other to get over and fans get to know their favorite wrestler a little bit more.

Young Roster

A lot of the members of the AEW roster are under the age of 30. This allows for wrestlers and AEW to understand the current trends in the world and play with them in several ways.

Wrestlers like Private Party, Jungle Boy, Riho, Darby Allin, MJF and others are destined to become some of the biggest starts in the wrestling business in the next couple of years.