Who Should be the Exalted One?

The Dark Order have been a hit and a miss for AEW. The vignettes of cult like propaganda have been interesting but outside of that, The Dark Order has not been able to be consider a must-see part of AEW.

The Exalted One is a great concept that has been a breath of fresh air for this faction and fans can’t wait to see who is the leader of The Dark Order. AEW has also done a job on giving clues and misdirections on who the Exalted One is.

Matt Hardy

The most popular choice by fans, Matt Hardy would be a great choice for this role. The broken character as a cult leader is a interesting idea to explore for TV.

Matt Hardy would be able to carry The Dark Order into the next level and make this faction a must-see act in AEW.

Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper

Brodie Lee in his WWE run was part of the infamous Wyatt Family. Luke Harper was the giant and yet silent enforcer. Brodie Lee being this time the leader of a cult\faction could be an interesting idea for him to do.

Brodie Lee is a great worker and promo and he being the Exalted One would definitely help The Dark Order.

Sami Callahan

The latest clues AEW has given about the identity of the Exalted One point to Sami Callahan. This idea could be the most interesting and a surprise for the fans.

Callahan and The Dark Order could be a bizarre and yet interesting match up to see on weekly TV.

Other options

AEW could also go with options like Raven, Christopher Daniels or even Lance Archer if he signs with AEW. The possibilities are endless and we only have to wait and see who the exalted one is.