What AEW needs to improve

The first 5 weeks of AEW programming have been very engaging and always leaves people wanting for more. Dynamite has a lot of great things to look forward every week, but Dynamite is not a perfect wrestling show, and needs to prove in

The mishandling of The Fiend

Bray Wyatt's new persona The Fiend was a refreshing character for WWE's programming. The character had a rocky start, with a lot of fans not liking his debut , but as the show Firefly Fun house kept going the show got the praise it

The Paul Heyman Effect

Paul Heyman in just a few months has change the way people look at RAW. fans are now enjoying RAW every week and has become a good and consistent show to watch every Monday night. More Focus on Wrestling Ever since Heyman was named

Analyzing NXT’s USA debut

The debut of NXT on USA is on the record books and it left a lot of things to analyze once the show finished. The show was overall good, most fans and critics do agree it was a solid debut for the yellow brand, but it was not a perfect