205 Live Recap: Episode 126

Last week on 205 Live: Ariya Daivari won a four way match, which may or may not have been a number one contender match. Oney Lorcan defeated Cedric Alexander in Cedric’s last match on the brand. Oney is now considered the “cornerstone, the heart and soul of 205 Live” because he beat Cedric.

Cold Open

Drew Gulak opens up the show behind a podium backstage. A state of 205 Live. I don’t know why Drake Maverick does this anymore. Drew says being champion is inevitable. First he needs to settle some scores, he will wrestle Humberto Carrillo tonight.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak

  • David Otunga is now on commentary instead of Nigel McGuinness.
  • Jack Gallagher cut an Instagram promo about how Drew Gulak didn’t value or respect him.
  • The storyline is that since Humberto as come to 205 Live, Drew has attempted to take him under his wing. Humberto would listen to Drew’s guidance but he wouldn’t change his wrestling style. Humberto would use Drew’s advice but he wouldn’t stop high risk maneuvers. Eventually that upset Drew so much that Gulak attacked Humberto. Aiden English points out that Drew might have done this because he sees Humberto as a threat and Gulak fears what Humberto could become. Gulak senses that Humberto is a star and might one day be champion, Gulak wants to take out the competition by any means necessary.
  • Humberto gets the advantage in the match and jumps on top of the turnbuckle to mock Drew. Gulak starts yelling at Carrillo to get down. Carrillo did not and ended up just kicking Gulak in the face.
  • There is some beautiful wrestling going on while this story is being told as well. Humberto hit one of the most gorgeous arm drags I’ve ever seen.
  • Gulak is able to reverse Humberto’s offense and Drew starts beating the hell out of Carrillo. Joint manipulation, kicks to the face and trash talk.
  • I think the crowd would react more if they were shown video packages of the storylines on the show. We don’t even need to see it on television, they just need to get acquainted with the characters and invest in a reason to cheer.
  • Gulak transitions from strikes to submissions. A Mexican surfboard/chinlock combination and then a headlock. Gulak’s plan is to take the air out of Humberto, make it harder to breath, make Carrillo use a lot of oxygen to tire out himself and his muscles. That way Humberto won’t be as quick or be able to do high flying moves.
  • Aiden puts over how Humberto has ancestors that were luchadores and he will no change his style for anyone. Then Carrillo gets his comeback in and the dude has all the stamina.
  • Humberto is able to connect with a missile dropkick and only got a two count. Drew and Humberto are both laid out and they crawl to each other to have a strikefest.
  • Drew ends up slugging Humberto to the turnbuckles and attempted a superplex. Even in a Drew Gulak match 205 Live tropes gonna be there.
  • Humberto knocked Drew down and then hit a super sunset flip. Then hit the head stand rope assisted moonsault which Humberto calls the Aztec Press.

And I’m Like… Humberto wins after Drew decides to leave his feet. Gulak did not practice what he preached and it cost him. This was a great match that featured slick wrestling, great storytelling and cohesive commentary. Very very good. I don’t know if this feud is over now or what.

Oney Lorcan says he and Ariya are going to hit each other as hard as possible until there is one man left standing.

Ariya Daivari cuts a promo about how he is untouchable, how he is undefeated in 2019. He says no one will keep him from becoming the next champion.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis are talking with Drake Maverick and The Brian Kendrick shows up there is a little bit of banter between Maria and Kendrick. Kendrick says he was a distraction and Akira jumps Mike. Clangy poles fall and chaos ensues.

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari

  • Tony Nese theme song has really good bass. He comes out to watch this supposed number one contender match. He isn’t on commentary.
  • Ariya wrestling with his jewelry on again.
  • The match starts with a rough collar and elbow and then some chain wrestling and counter wrestling. Real classic and done real well.
  • David Otunga is building the story that Daivari only wrestles for money and Oney wrestles because he likes to fight. Oney has a headlock on Daivari and is able to get many pin attempts, just grinding down Ariya, making him expel his energy.
  • Oney throws Daivari out of the ring, then goes or a dive but Ariya is able to get a strike in on Oney and turn the tide of the match.
  • Daivari is controlling the match but he keeps looking at Tony Nese. That lack of focus gives Lorcan an opportunity to attack but Daivari is able to dodge and keep laying on the heat.
  • As Ariya locks in the million dollar dream on Oney Lorcan, I can figure out the difference between that and the cobra clutch now.. Is it the same hold?
  • Lorcan does the Bret/Stone Cold spot from Survivor Series 96. Which reminds me that Stone Cold was upset that he didn’t have a submission move for the submission match against Bret at Mania ’13. But, he used the million dollar dream a few months before that!
  • Lorcan starts firing back with heavy strikes and a dive to the outside. Oney screams to the crowd and looks to have the match well in hand.
  • Daivari makes one last effort, jumping off the top rope but Lorcan catches him with a European uppercut. Lorcan hits a blockbuster and only gets two.
  • Daivari is able to slip free from a half and half suplex, hit a superkick and lock in the million dollar dream again. Lorcan is trapped in the middle of the ring and his hand starts falling.
  • The ref picks the hand up and Oney doesn’t drop his hand, he powers out of the hold, slaps Daivari in the face and hits another uppercut.
  • English is calling Oney the face of 205 Live and Lorcan goes for a half and half of the top rope but Daivari is able to fight out of it.
  • Ariya misses a top rope splash, which leads to Lorcan going for running clotheslines, but Daivari counters into a superkick.
  • Daivari is able to hit a splash off the top rope and a hammerlock lariat for the win!

And I’m Like… Daivari vs. Tony Nese is happening in the future, maybe Money In The Bank? Either way, it should be fun. This was one of the best Daivari matches on 205 Live. Oney Lorcan is really getting pushed as the new GUY of 205 Live and having Daivari’s undefeated streak on the line added a lot of drama to the match. It was your typical 205 Live show, which means really good wrestling for an hour.

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