AAW Owner Prohibiting Talent Working Their Events From Taking Other Chicago Bookings

AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined has been in business since 2005 in the Chicago area. They are what is considered an “upper tier” independent promotion and have featured many top wrestling stars on their events.

Owner Danny Daniels recently posted a statement on how AAW will operate their business going forward. The jist of it is, if you are a talent working for AAW, you cannot work for local competitors Black Label Pro, Freelance Wrestling or Warrior Wrestling.

After posting this message, wrestlers chimes in with their own opinions on the matter.

Popular Twitter users and wrestling journalists also gave their two cents.


There are many opinions being thrown out there from wrestlers and fans alike. It seems as if every couple of hours a new round of discourse starts up.

The detractors seem to be more upset at AAW for not being consistent in their beliefs, while the supporters agree that you need to be unique to draw fans.

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