AEW Dynasty PPV Review: Welcome To Swerve’s House

AEW Dynasty
Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri

Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Pac for the AEW Continental Championship: The crowd reacted to Okada like a star. Pac shined early catching Okada with a head scissors. Pac took control hitting a Fosbury Flop to the floor. Pac planted Okada with an avalanche Brainbuster for two. Pac went to climb the ropes but Okada stopped him with a standing dropkick. Okada took the lead running Pac in the barricade. Okada mocked Pac booting him in the face. Okada caught Pac coming off the ropes with a standing dropkick. Okada planted Pac with a Hangman DDT on the floor. Okada connected with a DDT for two. Pac responded using the ropes sending Okada to the floor. Pac battled back hitting a Springboard Moonsault to the floor to a nice reaction. Pac connected with a missile dropkick for two. Okada went for a German Suplex but Pac landed on this feet. Pac caught Okada with a snap German Suplex. Okada no-sold it sending Pac flying with a Woo Dropkick. Okada connected with a running Air Raid Crash for two. Okada connected with a signature flying elbow drop. The crowd cheered as Okada teased the Rainmaker pose. Okada instead gave the crowd the finger in a great heel spot. Pac battled back rocking Okada with a running clothesline. Pac connected with a bridging German Suplex for two. Pac went for the Black Arrow but Okada moved out of the way. Okada planted Pac with a Tombstone Piledriver. Okada went for a Rainmaker but Pac countered into a rollup for two. Pac caught Okada in the Rings of Saturn. Okada broke free raking Pac in the eyes. Pac battled back planting Okada with a Tombstone. Pac went to climb the ropes. Okada grabbed hold onto the referee’s leg. Pac climb the back down and kicked away at Okada’s face. Pac went for the Black Arrow but Okada got his knees up. Okada delivered a Rainmaker for the win to retain the title in 21:55.

—The crowd gave Pac a standing ovation after the match.

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black (Malakai Black, Brodie King & Buddy Matthews): Copeland, Briscoe and Kingston got great reactions. House of Black entrance looked great. Briscoe and Copeland took control early rocking Buddy with a double shoulder tackle. Copeland planted Buddy with an elevated flatliner. Black and Copeland had a stare down. The crowd booed as Black tagged King into the match. Kingston rocked King with rapid fire chops. King responded catching Kingston with a spinning side slam. King took control rocking Kingston with a running cannonball for two. Buddy nailed Kingston with a basement dropkick for two. Kingston battled back catching Black with a German Suplex. The action broke down with both teams brawling around ringside. There was a crazy spot as Briscoe leaped off a ring on the ring apron hitting a flying cannonball to Buddy on the floor. King held on Briscoe’s leg. Buddy took advantage rocking Briscoe with a knee strike. King delivered a Death Valley Driver sending Briscoe crashing into the barricade. Black placed Briscoe in an abdominal stretch but Kingston made the save. Copeland ran wild rocking King with a running boot. Briscoe and Kingston went for a double Superplex on King. Black and Buddy made the save planting Briscoe and Kingston with a double Powerbomb. Copeland planted King with a Superplex. Kingston rocked King with a spinning back fist. Copeland planted King with an Impaler DDT. Briscoe followed hitting the Froggy Bow to King. Copeland covered King but Buddy made the save. There was a cool spot as Copeland, Briscoe and Kingston delivered a triple spear spot to all members of HOB. Copeland called for a spear. Black blew mist into Copeland’s face. Black rocked Copeland with the Black Mass Kick for the win in 17:46. 

Willow Nightingale made her entrance. Willow got a strong babyface reaction. Kris Statlander came out with Willow. This match was contested under House Rules. Willow chose the stipulation that both Skye Blue and Statlander were both not allowed at ringside. Statlander was surprised by the stipulation. Statlander went to the back. 

Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale for the TBS Championship: Willow received a strong babyface reaction. Julia Hart’s entrance looked awesome. Stokely Hathaway joined commentary for the match. Willow started quickly rocking Hart with a running boot. Hart responded nailing Willow with a superkick sending her to the floor. Hart took control slamming Willow’s head onto the mat. Mercedes Mone was watching backstage. Hart applied a Camel Clutch but Willow broke free. Willow responded catching Hart in a sleeper hold. Hart used her legs to kick away at Willow to break free. Willow caught Hart with a Spinebuster for two. Willow went for a missile dropkick but Hart moved out of the way. Hart called for the Rings of Saturn but Willow broke free. Hart nailed Willow with a pair of Superkicks. Hart went for a Flying Moonsault but Willow got her boots up. Willow made a comeback rocking Hart with a running clothesline. Willow connected with the Dr. Bomb to win the title in 6:01.

Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway celebrated with Willow after the match. We heard the pipped in CEO chants as Mercedes Mone came out. Mercedes enters the ring. Tony Schiavone on commentary said “people are chanting CEO!” The crowd was not chanting CEO or for Mercedes either. Willow held up the TBS Title. They announced Willow vs. Mercedes for the TBS Title for Double or Nothing PPV. 

Roderick Strong (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly for the AEW International Championship: Kyle O’Reilly got a solid babyface reaction. O’Reilly and Strong began with some nice mat wrestling. O’Reilly went for an ankle lock but Strong grabbed the ropes. O’Reilly took control rocking Strong with combination strikes. Strong responded nailing O’Reilly with a leg lariat for two. O’Reilly responded yanking Strong to the mat. Strong caught O’Reilly charging with a backbreaker. Strong took control planting O’Reilly with a backbreaker onto the turnbuckle. Strong planted O’Reilly with a pair of uranage backbreakers. Strong connected with a double knees backbreaker for two. O’Reilly batted back rocking Strong with combination strikes. O’Reilly applied a knee bar but Strong grabbed the ropes. Strong responded catching O’Reilly with an Olympic Slam. Strong rocked O’Reilly with a series of forearm smashes. Strong went for a running knee but O’Reilly caught him against the ropes. O’Reilly made a comeback connecting with a flying knee drop. O’Reilly applied a knee bar but Strong broke free. O’Reilly and Strong grabbed each other’s wrists as they exchanged forearm smashes. Strong caught O’Reilly with a pump handle backbreaker for two. Strong planted O’Reilly with a backbreaker. O’Reilly caught Strong with a cradle on the landing for two. O’Reilly and Strong had a big strike exchanged. O’Reilly connected with an axe kick. Strong responded nailing O’Reilly with a jumping knee strike. Strong went for a Tiger Driver but O’Reilly countered into a guillotine hold. Strong broke free draping O’Reilly against the ropes. O’Reilly responded yanking Strong’s arm onto the ring apron. Strong distracted the referee. Wardlow made his way ringside but the referee stopped him. O’Reilly caught Strong with a Crucifix pin for two. Strong planted O’Reilly with a gut buster. O’Reilly responded nailing Strong with a rebound lariat. O’Reilly planted Strong with a Brainbuster for two. O’Reilly went for an arm bar but Strong placed his foot on the ropes. Strong battled back catching O’Reilly with a leg lariat. Strong connected with End of Heartache to retain the title in 17:18. 

Wardlow celebrated with Strong after the match. Adam Cole came out with Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Cole was seated in his wheelchair. The crowd cheered as Cole got out of his wheelchair and walked to the ring. Cole entered the ring and gave Wardlow a nasty look. Cole raised Strong’s hand. 

Hook (c) vs. Chris Jericho for the FTW Championship: Jericho offered Hook a fist bump. Hook accepted it. The crowd chanted “Fozzy Sucks!” Hook shined early planting Jericho with a pair of T-Bone Suplex. Hook went for a flying forearm to Jericho which looked bad and mostly missed. Jericho responded slamming Hook onto the announcer’s table. Jericho brought out a table. Hook responded planting Jericho with a German Suplex on the floor for two. Hook took control whacking Jericho in the face with an FTW trash can lid. Jericho responded catching Hook with a kick to the gut. Jericho took control planting Hook with a DDT on the FTW trash can lid for two. They battled for position on the ring apron. Hook delivered a flying T-Bone Suplex off the ring apron sending Jericho crashing through the table on the floor for two. That was a cool spot. The crowd chanted “Go Home Jericho, Go Home!” Jericho caught Hook charging with a big boot. Jericho delivered some really ugly looking punches to Hook on the ropes. Jericho connected with a Super Hurricanrana for two. Hook responded catching Jericho with a German Suplex. Hook placed a trash can over Jericho’s head. Hook whacked Jericho with a kendo strike. Hook connected with a T-Bone Suplex for two. Hook draped a table against the corner turnbuckle. Hook planted Jericho with an overhead suplex. Jericho responded catching Hook with a Codebreaker. The crowd began chanting “Please Retire” at Jericho. Jericho went for a flying fist drop but Hook moved out of the way. Hook went for the Redrum. Jericho broke free sending Hook crashing through a table. Jericho placed his foot on the ropes for a leverage pin. The referee Aubrey Edwards stopped her count seeing Jericho’s foot was on the ropes. Edwards remembered this was an FTW Rules match so Edwards counted again for two. Jericho called for the Judas Effect but Hook countered into in a knee bar. The crowd booed as Jericho countered placing Hook in the Walls of Jericho. Hook countered into an inside cradle for two. Hook went for the Redrum. Jericho broke free delivering a low blow. Jericho delivered a Judas Effect but Hook kicked out at two. Jericho delivered a second Judas Effect but Hook kicked out at two again. Taz took his headset off. Jericho left the ring and grabbed his bat. Hook stumbled to his feet. Hook gave Jericho the two middle fingers. Jericho blasted Hook in the face with his bat. The fans cheered as Taz got up from the announcers table. Jericho stared back in Taz’s direction. Jericho covered Hook to win the title in 16:34. 

Taz walked around ringside. Taz had his sunglass off. Taz told Jericho to get out of the ring. The doctors checked on Hook after the match. Jericho had a remorseful look on his face. Jericho held up the FTW Title as he walked to the back. 

Toni Storm (c) (w/Luther & Mariah May) vs. Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s Championship: Rosa came out wearing a mask for her entrance. Rosa removed her mask revealing she wasn’t wearing face paint. Rosa and Storm began exchanging big strikes. Rosa shined early catching Storm with a head scissors. Rosa delivered a nice looking flying corkscrew splash to Storm and Luther on the floor. Rosa planted Storm with a float suplex for a near fall. Storm responded catching Rosa with a backbreaker for two. Storm placed Rosa on the ropes. Rosa escaped planting Storm with a stack Powerbomb for two. Rosa made a comeback hitting a missile dropkick. Rosa planted Storm with a Crucifix Bomb for two. Rosa planted Storm with a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron for two. Rosa went for a Package Piledriver but her back gave out. Storm battled back catching Rosa with a back cracker. Storm took control planting Rosa with a Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Storm went for a Spinebuster but Rosa rolled through. Rosa delivered a double stomp right onto Storm’s throat for two. Rosa went for a dive but Storm moved out of the way. Storm caught Rosa with a Sky High Spinebuster for two. Rosa and Storm exchanged really bad looking slaps. Storm caught Rosa charging with a head butt. Rosa responded with an enzuigiri. Rosa and Storm exchanged German Suplex spots. Mariah May stood on the ring apron. Deonna Purrazzo ran down and brawled with May to the back. Storm planted Rosa with a German Suplex. Storm rocked Rosa with a running hip attack. Storm delivered Storm Zero but Rosa kicked out for a good two count. Storm applied a Texas Cloverleaf but Rosa grabbed the ropes. Rosa responded catching Storm with a back cracker. Rosa went for an STF but Storm rolled underneath the ropes. Storm pulled on the ring apron. Referee Rick Knox went to fix the ring apron. Storm gave Rosa a low blow with the referee distracted. Storm delivered the Storm Zero for the win to retain the title in 15:08. 

Justin Roberts said this match had a 60-minute time limit. Roberts announced this as an “absolute dream match.” Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay both got awesome reactions from the crowd. The crowd was standing and chanting “Holy S*it” before the match began.

Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay: Danielson and Ospreay had a stare down. Danielson had a great smile of excitement on his face. Don Callis was on commentary for the match. There was a huge reaction from the crowd as the bell rang. Danielson looked into the crowd as the crowd sang for Ospreay. Danielson and Ospreay were evenly matched to start. The crowd cheered after Danielson and Ospreay had a great counter exchange. Ospreay got the early advantage catching Danielson with a head scissors. Ospreay connected with a running boot sending Danielson to the floor. Ospreay connected with a slingshot plancha to the floor. Ospreay went for a springboard but Danielson caught him with a mid kick. Danielson applied a seated head scissors but Ospreay grabbed the ropes. Ospreay responded catching Danielson with a handspring corkscrew kick. Ospreay rocked Danielson with a springboard forearm for two. Ospreay rocked Danielson with a backflip enzugiiri. Ospreay connected with an awesome Sky Twister to the floor. Ospreay called for Hidden Blade but Danielson intercepted with a kick to the elbow. Danielson took back control hitting a bridging Tiger Suplex for two. Danielson applied a reverse Butterfly Lock but Ospreay placed his foot on the ropes. Danielson went for a Super Hurricanana but Ospreay landed on his feet in a great spot. Ospreay connected with a Tiger Driver for two. Danielson stopped Ospreay from climbing the ropes. Danielson planted Ospreay with an avalanche Tiger Suplex. That looked crazy. Danielson went for a cover but Ospreay placed his foot on the ropes. Danielson delivered a PK but Ospreay no sold it. Ospreay responded nailing Danielson with a forearm smash. Ospreay nailed Danielson with a Hook Kick on the ring apron. Ospreay followed planting Danielson with an OzCutter on the ring apron. The referee Bryce Remsberg checked on Danielson on the floor. Ospreay rocked Danielson with a flying Hidden Blade from the ring apron to the floor. They teased a count-out but Danielson made it back into the ring. Ospreay rocked Danielson with a springboard dropkick as he made it back into the ring. Ospreay followed hitting a Stack Powerbomb for two. Ospreay went for an OzCutter but Danielson intercepted catching him in the LeBell Lock. Ospreay broke free as the hold wasn’t fully applied. Ospreay went for a Powerbomb but Danielson countered into a guillotine hold. Ospreay reversed out of the hold. This gave Danielson the opening to catch Osprey with La Mistica and then transition into LeBell Lock. Danielson transitioned pulling back on Ospreay’s arm. Ospreay placed his foot on the ropes to force a break. Danielson rocked Ospreay with Yes Kicks. The crowd chanted Yes/No! Danielson called for a Busaiku Knee. but Ospreay caught him. Danielson countered catching Ospreay with a Dragon Hurricanrana for a close two count. Danielson went for a German Suplex but Ospreay landed on his feet. Ospreay called for Hidden Blade but Danielson ducked. This gave Danielson the opening to reverse back and hit the Busaiku Knee. but Ospreay kicked out for a great two count. Danielson grabbed Ospreay’s arm while stomping at his face. Danielson went for the LeBell Lock but Ospreay broke free. Danielson caught Ospreay in a Triangle Hold. Ospreay broke free planting Danielson with a Styles Clash in a cool spot. The commentary team didn’t mention the move name. Danielson and Ospreay exchanged head butts from their knees. Danielson planted Ospreay with a Regal Plex. Ospreay no-sold it nailing Danielson with a Hidden Blade in a great spot. Ospreay went for an OzCutter but Danielson intercepted with a Busaiku Knee in another great spot. Danielson stood in the corner leading the crowd in YES chants. Ospreay removed his elbow pad. Danielson and Ospreay stared at each other from opposite sides of the ring. Danielson and Ospreay both went for their finisher at the same time. Ospreay rocked Danielson with a Hidden Blade. Ospreay followed hitting the Storm Driver. Danielson solid it like he was shaken up holding onto his shoulder. Bryce Remsburg called for the doctor to check on Danielson. The referee held the doctor back. Ospreay delivered the Hidden Blade for the win in 32:40. 

—The doctor immediately entered the ring to check on Danielson. Ospreay had a concerned look on his face. Ospreay went to check on Danielson. The referee told Ospreay to stand back. Callis left the announcers table. Callis stood outside the ring apron checking on Danielson. Excalibur on commentary claimed they have the best medial team in the sport. Hmmm. I wonder who backstage fed Excalibur that line to say on commentary? 

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) in a Ladder Match for the vacant AEW World Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks made their entrance. Excalibur on commentary noted Danielson was able to walk to the back. The Bucks received a mild reaction at best from the crowd. The crowd gave FTR a solid reaction. Both teams began exchanging strikes. The Bucks went for an early EVP Trigger but Harwood who ducked. Wheeler rocked The Bucks with a flying clothesline. The Bucks quickly took control running a ladder into Harwood. Harwood responded launching Nicholas onto a ladder. Harwood used Matthew’s momentum to backdrop him onto a ladder. Harwood and Wheeler placed tables around ringside. Matthew caught Harwood charging with a drop toe hold sending him crashing into the ring steps. Harwood came up bleeding badly. Nicholas delivered a flying cannonball to Wheeler onto a ladder. Nicholas delivered repeated chair shots to Harwood who was placed between a ladder. Nicholas tossed a chair right into Wheeler’s face. Wheeler battled back hitting a flying Moonsault to The Bucks off a ladder. Wheeler went to give Matthew a Piledriver onto a ladder. Nicholas crotched Wheeler between the ladder. The Bucks rocked Wheeler with an EVP Trigger onto a ladder. Harwood and Wheeler made a comeback delivering a Super Bulldog to Matthew. Harwood planted Nicholas with a Rebound Powerbomb. Wheeler delivered a running shoulder tackle sending Matthew crashing through a table on the floor. There was a scary spot as Matthew’s head ricochet against the barricade. Nicholas caught Harwood with a head scissors as he went crashing through a table on the floor. Both teams exchanged strikes on the ladder while trying to grab the titles. Harwood and Wheeler caught Matthew with a Shatter Machine off the ladder. Harwood delivered a Superplex to Nicholas off a ladder. Wheeler followed delivering a Super Splash to Nicholas from top of the ladder. Matthew tackled Harwood shoving Wheeler off the ladder. Nicholas delivered a 450 Splash sending Wheeler crashing through a table on the floor. Harwood delivered a Spike Piledriver sending Matthew crashing through a ladder. Harwood climbed the ladder. Nicholas delivered a springboard leaping onto the ladder. Nicholas delivered a Sunset Bomb to Harwood off the ladder in a crazy spot. Wheeler went for a tope but Nicholas moved out of the way. Wheeler went crashing through a table against the barricade in another wild spot. Harwood and Nicholas exchanged strikes on the ladder. Harwood swung the title belt knocking Nicholas off the ladder. Suddenly, someone in a Sting mask appeared knocking Harwood off the ladder. Security entered the ring and grabbed hold of the person wearing the Sting mask. The person removed the Sting mask. It was revealed as Jack Perry who made his first return back to AEW since All In last August. This got a huge reaction from the crowd. Perry smiled in the corner showing satisfaction on his face. Perry’s facial reaction was awesome. Nicholas climbed the ladder and grabbed the AEW Tag Team Titles in 21:34. 

—Perry was shown leaving through the crowd with security. Perry did The Elite hand gesture. Matthew and Nicholas both had confused looks on their faces. Matthew and Nicholas celebrated with the AEW Tag Team Titles. 

Swerve Strickland came out in Black Panther gear. We were told by the commentary team that Prince Nana placed the late Jimmy Rave’s jacket on Strickland as tribute to the late Embassy. 

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana) for the AEW World Championship: Joe and Strickland both got strong reactions for the ring introduction. There were loud chants of “Swerve’s House” as the match began. Strickland went for a dive but Joe smiled walking out of the way. Joe didn’t notice Strickland landed on his feet. Strickland connected with a dropkick sending Joe to the floor. Strickland went for a dive but Joe caught him on the landing. Joe took control delivered a uranage slam sending Strickland crashing onto the announcers table. Joe exposed the floor mats. Strickland caught Joe with a Fosbury Flop on the floor. Strickland went for a PK but Joe blocked. Joe caught Strickland charging with a powerslam on the concrete floor. Joe caught Strickland with a leg sweep takedown. Joe connected with a rolling elbow drop for two. Strickland ducked as Joe swung his arm against the ring post. Strickland battled back pulling on Joe’s arm against the exposed ring post. Strickland planted Joe with a German Suplex for two. Strickland planted Joe with a rolling flatliner for two. Strickland applied a short-arm scissors. Joe broke free running Strickland into the turnbuckle. Joe delivered a Muscle Buster but Strickland kicked out at two. This didn’t get the crowd reaction they wanted for the near fall. Joe left the ring and grabbed the AEW World Title. Joe placed the title in the ring. Strickland took advantage rocking Joe with House Call. Strickland followed hitting a 450 Splash as his knee landed right on Joe’s neck. That looked bad. Strickland connected with a Swerve Stomp but Joe kicked out at two. Joe responded raking Strickland in the eyes. Prince Nana stood on the ring apron as Joe went to use the title. Strickland went use the title but Joe ducked. Joe caught Strickland in a Coquina Clutch. Strickland pulled on Joe’s thumb to break free. Strickland battled back snapping Joe’s hand. Strickland rocked Joe with House Call for a two count. Joe stopped Strickland from climbing the ropes. Strickland raked Joe in the nose. Strickland leaped over Joe who was hanging onto the turnbuckle. Strickland planted Joe with a corner Powerbomb. Strickland climbed the ropes. Strickland soaked in the moment while looking at the crowd. Strickland connected with Swerve’s Stomp to win the AEW World Title at 17:59.  

—Strickland had an emotional look on his face as the referee Stephon Smith was holding the title. There was a confetti celebration as Strickland celebrated with the AEW World Title. Strickland celebrated with the crowd at ringside. There was a big fireworks display. Strickland continued to celebrate with the title as the show ended. 

AEW Dynasty was a fantastic PPV. This was also a show that makes you more frustrated as someone who watches AEW weekly television shows. AEW has one of the best and most talented rosters in the world. There no reason why they can’t put on good television shows each week leading into the big PPV. I very much enjoyed watching this show. The Jericho/Hook match was the only disappointment on the show. There were lots of good to great matches on the show. Okada/Pac was a great opening match. Strickland winning the World Title felt like a really cool moment. We got the expected Jack Perry return which led to The Bucks winning the tag titles. Danielson and Ospreay delivered a match of the year contender. Overall, AEW Dynasty PPV was a very good show.