NXT Recap: Episode 503

Last week on NXT: Buddy Murphy and Velveteen Dream fucked around and had classic match. Johnny Gargano spit fire at Undisputed Era and then challenged Roderick Strong to a match after getting beat up. Dijakovic won a match. Kairi Sane said goodbye to NXT after having a great match with Shayna Baszler that ended with a beat down by the Horsewomen and a save by Io Shirai.

Cold Open

Recap of Gargano winning the NXT Championship and hyping his match against Roderick Strong.

This NXT intro video/song is so weird.

Jaxson Ryker w/The Forgotten Sons vs. Humberto Carrillo

  • I think the Forgotten Sons are great heels because when I see them my mood legit changes. I really don’t like them at all and don’t want to see them on my television. Really pulling for Humberto here.
  • Humberto was just featured on 205 Live, next night NXT. He must really impress the right people because this dude is all over WWE non main roster television.
  • Humberto is answering Ryker’s strength with speed and high flying moves. To tie in with his 205 Live storyline, Humberto should not listen to Drew Gulak. His aerial skills are what gets him wins.
  • Ryker just stops selling and starts beating the hell out of Carrillo.
  • I really don’t know why this match isn’t on WWE’s YouTube page.
  • Ryker and Carrillo fight to the outside and Jaxson throws Humberto over the barricade and then starts kneeing Carrillo’s face repeatedly.
  • The Forgotten Sons start beating down Carrillo and then Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch show up with chairs to fight off the Forgotten Sons.

And I’m Like… I really dug this. Carrillo and Ryker were having a fun match. The Forgotten Sons are assholes. Jaxson Ryker is shoot scary and seeing Oney Lorcan isn’t regulated to just 205 Live makes my day. Great way to start off NXT, don’t know why nothing is on the YouTube.

Adam Cole is angry that Roderick is wrestling Gargano. He thinks Strong will dominate Johnny. Then Cole asks why Matt Riddle is there laughing. Matt says he has a photo shoot and kind of steps to Cole to check his attitude. Adam Cole backs down saying he has “bigger fish to fry”.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah vs. Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro

  • It’s nice to see Candice wrestling more now. She had a fun match on the Worlds Collide special.
  • Kacy comes out just happy as hell. This team really works, they both are super talented, bubbly and seem to be the same size.
  • Aliyah and Kacy start off in the match. Kacy looks ready but nervous, I would be too wrestling Aliyah.
  • Aliyah is the most Diva wrestler in WWE. Mandy Rose gimmick is Diva but she doesn’t have the in ring work the is reminiscent of that era.
  • This match has really been Kacy getting beat up. She does well at showing that she is in trouble and it’s pretty astounding how well she does with having such little wrestling experience.
  • Candice gets tagged in and the crowd cheers and is excited for the initial tag. Candice is able to keep them clapping and cheering with some innovative offense and a “C’mon!”
  • Candice hits her Lionsault onto Vanessa Borne and the match is over.

And I’m Like… Great way to introduce a new tag team. Kacy looks relieved and happy. Aliyah and Vanessa are a stepping stone team, this women’s tag team scene is really getting good.

We see a replay of Shayna fucking up Kairi’s arm last week and Io gets questioned about how she feels about it by Cathy Kelly. Io says what Shayna did was terrible and then she gets attacked by the Horsewomen. Io gets forced on her knees, arms stretched out and Shayna lays in a knee right to Shirai’s face.

William Regal is interviewed about Kushida. Kassius Ohno shows up and brags about teaching the wrestlers in NXT UK about British wrestling. Then Kassius says he wants to wrestle Kushida to show him authentic Japanese wrestling. Ohno’s new gimmick is “The Wrestling Genius”.

War Raiders vs. Street Profits

  • The YouTube says Viking Raiders, but the NXT entrance says War Raiders.
  • Montez Ford flips over the top rope to take down War Raiders mid entrance. They hita flurry of offense and almost got the pin after a huge splash by Ford.
  • Dawkins tags in and holds Rowe up for the Doomsday Blockbuster.
  • Hanson tags in starts decimating Dawkins and Ford.
  • It’s weird that commentary are saying “Hanson and Rowe” when now they are “Ivar and Erik”. Show you the disconnect between the NXT Universe and the WWE Universe.
  • This match started off HOT and it’s like a tag math at double speed. We already got two hot tags in less than five minutes. Ford and Hanson, the obvious better wrestlers of the team, have a show down.
  • Montez is a future world champion. He is everything you need in a wrestler. It’s a sight to behold when this man works.
  • Street Profits are really taking it to the Raiders, more than any team has in a long time.
  • Rowe and Hanson hit another gear and start kicking ass with their Viking power. War Raiders hit Thor’s Hammer… I mean Viking Raiders hit The Viking Experience.

And I’m Like… I really want Street Profits to take the belts off the Raiders. Montez Ford has the best frog splash in the business. He is the MVP of every match he is in. I don’t know what the future holds for the War Raiders in NXT, but I’m excited for the next step in the tag division. There aren’t many teams right now, which makes me hopeful that more will be made.

Mia Yim gets promo time about Shayna Baszler. Mia Yim says she deserves another opportunity to face Shayna. Mia seemed nervous in her promo or that she was thinking too much about what she was going to say.

Roderick Strong vs. Johnny Gargano

  • I gotta say I like the Undisputed Era theme better.
  • Roderick Strong is the only member of his group outside of Adam Cole that taunts during the “BOOM” part of the entrance song. It really helps the entrance.
  • These two start with some basic wrestling but that quickly turns into a crazy counter wrestling bit.
  • Roderick Strong ends up getting the advantage and beating down Johnny. All you can hear from the crowd is chants of “Johnny Wrestling” clapping and “C’mon Johnny” from random people. It’s crazy how much the crowd supports him during the heat portion of the match. Like, people really love this dude and it shows. Makes the matches more exciting.
  • Roderick Strong must really like beating up Johnny Gargano cause he developed a little chubby in his trunks.
  • Roderick chops Johnny and it fires Gargano up a bit. Johnny is asking for more and Roderick is getting mad about it.
  • Johnny is trying to frustrate Roderick and have him lose focus.
  • Gargano is able to gain an advantage when Roddy does lose focus, paying off Johnny’s plan.
  • Johnny is able to get his rolling kick in on Roddy’s face and now both men are prety much even. They start countering each other again and entering into the third act of the match.
  • Big superkick from Gargano and Roderick kicks out at two. “NXT” chant from the crowd but it wasn’t as strong as normal.
  • Johnny chopped Roddy and spit flew out of his mouth. The crowd popped because Roddy’s spit went in the crowd a bit. So Johnny and Roderick did that spot two more times to the delight of the crowd.
  • The final sprint seems to have started because these guys are moving fast as hell, hitting high impact moves and kicking out at two and a half. Good shit.
  • Then they just get into a crazy strike/leg slap battle that ignites the crowd.
  • Roderick is able to get a few backbreakers in for another near fall. The crowd is cheering for Johnny still. Roderick attempts to apply his Strong Hold submission but Johnny kicks Roddy’s shoulder and Gargano gets a Garga-NO escape in.
  • Undisputed Era come down to get in Johnny’s face. Matt Riddle shows up and chaos ensues. Roderick tries to grab Cole to get his attention and Adam kicks Roderick in the face. That leads to Johnny capitalizing and winning the match.

And I’m Like… That match was real good. Johnny Gargano is on a great match streak that hasn’t been seen in WWE maybe ever. Undisputed Era now have some dissension and NXT is really firing on all cylinders, which is weird because usually after a Takeover there is a lull in programming because they need to build stories. Great shit.

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