WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap

We are back from commercial and the action is instant as Rollins hits Cesaro with the Falcon Arrow to continue his comeback

Cesaro pokes Rollins in the eye and then gets him in his leg spin round the world maneuver and finishes the spin with the Sharpshooter, but Rollins reaches down in his power and finds the ropes to break up the sharpshooter

WHAT A MATCH….Cesaro goes for the springboard uppercut and Rollins moves out of the way and hits him with his new finisher and lands his Knee cleanly on the chin of Cesaro and gets the 1,2,3 for the pinfall victory

What a great match to start Raw


In the ring after the victory Seth is asked if since he is alone without Dean Ambrose as he is on his honeymoon and Roman defending his singles title, if the Shield is separating? he replies with a quick “HELL NO”

He goes on to explain how he needs to do a hospitality check on Dean since he hasnt heard from him in a week. And goes on to tell the WWE Universe that he and Dean will invoke their rematch clause next week on Raw….

So next week we finally get to see the Bar Vs. Shield rematch as Sheamus and Cesaro will have to defend their titles against Dean and Seth. The New Day wont be there to disturb Dean and Seth next week….will Sheamus and Cesaro be able to defend their titles or will every member of the Shield have a piece of Raw gold around their waist??? Check with us again next week for answers…..


The Cruiserweights are in Kurt Angle’s office and they are upset with the hoops they are having to jump through in order to get a shot at Enzo and his Cruiserweight Championship. And Kurt says that although Enzo has the title, he does not call the shots and lays out a series of challenges where the winner will get a shot at Enzo and his title in 3 weeks time.

we head to commercial break we see that Samoa Joe is heading to the ring. Stay tuned to see who Samoa Joe is wrestling coming up next

As we come back from commercial break we hear the music of Titus O’Neal and we see the footage of Samoa Joe and his battle with Apollo Crews and how Titus got involved after the match. Then proceed to show the footage of Samoa Joe attacking Titus before they were scheduled for their match a couple weeks ago. These two massive men are on a car wreck collision course, stay with us for live updates of the match

Samoa Joe and Titus are going back and forth as Titus is getting the upper hand while landing some powerful chops and uppercuts, he goes for the pinfall and Joe gets a kickout.
Titus gets Joe back in the corner and lands more haymakers and as the referee backs the two up Joe lands a solid right hand and sinks in the Coquina Clutch and ITS OVER….after the match ended Apollo Crews is in the ring and Joe makes quick work of Crews with another Coquina Clutch and both men are laid out in the ring as Samoa Joe heads back up the aisle victorious as we have another commercial break