WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap


We are back to action as Finn Balor has made his way to the ring, during the break General Manager Kurt Angle has sanctioned this match between Kane and Finn Balor after Kane made such quick work of the GM’s son.

Kane gains the early advantage, using his size and muscle to get on the offensive. Kane is using his 20 years of experience to stay on top of Finn without giving Finn a chance to get a chance to steal the momentum. Kane hits Finn with a sidewalk slam and then gets Finn to his feet and gets Finn in the corner and attempts to run at Finn but Finn got a foot up and hits the Big Red Machine in the jaw. Finn them slams Kane into the turnbuckle pole and goes to the outside. But unfortunately for Finn, Kane loses control and grabs a steel chair and repeatatly slams Finn Balor with the chair. One shot appears to hit Finn in the elbow as Finn is clutching his elbow in pain before Kane continues to wrap that chair around Finn’s spin.

Kane then puts Finn’s head in the chair and attempts to climb the top rope as the MONSTER AMONG MEN’s MUSIC HITS

Braun makes his way to the ring and Kane prepares himself by grabbing the chair from around Finn’s neck. As Braun gets in the ring Kane hits him with a powerful chair shot to the back. But Braun shakes it off like a mosquito bite. Kane shocked he didnt even make the big man flinch begins to look scared before Braun starts to beat on Kane and use his 380 pound body as a dart while he runs from post to post and slams into Kane. Kane then goes to the outside and Braun follows him and grabs the steel stairs and nails Kane. Braun then throws the stairs and Kane in the ring as Braun grabs Kane like a cruiserweight and picks him up and carries him towards the stairs and does his version of the running power slam on top of the STEEL STAIRS.

Braun proceeds to grab the steel chair and apply the chair to the front of Kane’s neck and then slams Kane with the chair in his throat into the steel stairs the same way that Kane did it to him last week on Raw. Kane appears to be finished, as Braun grabs Kane again and repeats the process and slams Kane once again with the chair applied to him throat into the steel steps a second time.

Kane eventually makes his way out of the ring and climbs over the barrier into the area of the fans just to get away from the Monster Among Men. Braun stands in the ring, holding presence over his domain as he watching the Big Red Machine run in defeat from him.

Braun made a statement, and Kane heard it loud and clear as we end the show.

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