WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap

WOW, how great of a battle will we get when Samoa Joe challenges Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Title? I know that the WWE Universe has been wondering when Joe would get his first title run on RAW, but will it come at the hands of the Big Dog Roman Reigns?


We are back from the break with the highlights of Samoa Joe attack on Roman Reigns. Showing us footage from the break of Roman Reigns catching his breath after being locked in the Coquina Clutch.

Back to Action, as the music of Asuka hits and “The Empress of Tomorrow” makes her way to the ring. Michael Cole makes the announcement saying that the next NXT Takeover will be coming to the 205. The weekend of the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia will also include NXT Takeover.

To challenge Asuka will again be Dana Brooke. After the dismantling of Dana Brooke last week Dana claims she found a hole in Asuka’s game and it is the fact that she starts slow, So Dana claims that she will jump on Asuka before she has the chance and be the first person to beat the Empress of Tomorrow. But the moment the bell rings, Asuka jumps on Dana Brooke and hits her with the Asuka lock and gets the victory in less than a minute

But before Asuka can savor the victory, the music of Paige hits and the Absolution heads to the ring and surrounds the Empress of Tomorrow. But as they surround her, Paige smiles to Asuka and gives her a wave as Asuka smiles and backs out of the ring without turning her back to Absolution. Paige and Absolution came to send a message of some sorts to Asuka but no one is quite sure what it is. We are certain to find out in the coming weeks on RAW

We are heading to another commercial break as Michael Cole discusses the Matchup next between Jason Jordan and Kane, will the son of the Raw GM step up and get a huge victory over the future Hall of Famer Kane? Will Kane dismantle Jordan trying to send a message to the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman? We will see the Monster Among Men tonight after he was attacked last week by Kane?

All your questions and more will be answered coming up here on BodySlam.net with our live updates


We are back from the break with the annoucement that next week on Raw we will see The Bar defend their Tag Team Titles next week on Raw against Shield members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Now back to the ring as the music for Jason Jordan hits. The announce team is questioning if Jason Jordan’s knee is actually injured or is he nursing the injury so that he didnt continue to have to take his beating from Braun Strowman. Jason Jordan addressed the rumors by saying that people questioning his injury are wrong and that he did feel a pop in his knee, that he knows his body, and that because of the “World Class” medical staff of the WWE and a weeks worth of rehab that he is officially back to 100% and he is “going to do what Braun Strowman couldnt do, and defeat Kane”

Kane’s music hits as the Big Red Machine heads to the ring.

Jason Jordan is showing his athleticism and his power by getting on the offensive and slams Kane into the corner before running corner to corner and and hits Kane with a turnbuckle spear. But as he attempts to suplex Kane, Kane gains control of Jordan and throws him to the outside over the ropes and Jordan lands on his legs and immediately grasps at his knee in pain. He attempts to gather himself but doesnt get back into the ring until after the 10 count and Kane wins due to countout.

Jordan attempts to get up and continue to fight Kane after the match but Kane has no parts of it and begins to dismantle Jason Jordan by throwing his out the ring on his knee one more time. And continues the onslaught of Jason Jordan.

FINN BALOR’S MUSIC hits, Finn is heading to the ring to get his revenge on Kane after the Big Red Machine attacked him the other week as we head to another commercial. Will Finn get his revenge? Will Kane make quick work of Finn the way he man handled Jason Jordan? Find out next on BodySlam.net