WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap

We are back to Raw as they are discussing the state of the Women’s division and the Champion Alexa Bliss. In speaking of the women’s title they go back to last week and the number one contenders match in which Paige came back from her long absence to disrupt the bout.

Joining Booker T, Michael Cole and Corey Graves in the booth during this women’s 6 (wo)man tag match. Sasha Banks is in the ring as Mickie James’ music hits to no avail as she does not make it out the back, next Bailey’s music hits and its much of the same as Bailey doesnt make it out either

Finally Paige’s music hits and she has her teammates to her side. She asks Sonya and Mandy what could have happened to Mickie and Bailey as we see on the jumbotron that Mickie James had in fact been attacked in the back as she is holding her leg. Next we see that Bailey has been attacked as well as she is holding her neck. Paige says that since Sasha’s teammates are unable to compete that this will now be a handicap match. She goes on to explain that she was the Matriarch of the Women’s division. That she was the one that lead the women from the Divas era to this new era and that she carried the flag of the women’s division. She then says that “she is backkkk.” She then explains that their team name is “Absolution” and they will run the women’s division from this point forward.

After some comments from Mandy and Sonya putting over Paige and her accomplishments, Paige then asks Sasha if she is willing to join “Absolution” and reminds Sasha that she is either with them….or against them. Sasha denies the opportunity and attempts to attack the group and after just a moment of her attacking she is quickly over-whelmed and is being man handled by Absolution. Paige then hits Sasha will the Ram-Paige and the 3 women stand over top Sahsa while showing ownership of the ring that Paige claims she built


As we appear to be heading to another commercial, Michael Cole builds the Intercontinental Title Match-up between Roman Reigns and Elias. And as it appears to be cutting to commercial, we get our first glimpse of BRAY WYATT, as he says “I’m HERE” as we finally go to commercial


We are back live from Knoxville as we hear the music of Bray Wyatt and the Fireflys are out at the University of Tennessee. It is great to finally see Bray Wyatt back after his temporary absence

Bray is cutting a promo letting the people of Tennessee to know that they are “pathetic” explaining how the suffering of people is what brings him joy. And after his break he finally sees the people for what they truly are. That everyone is actually dead and laughs with his evil laugh repeating “You’re all dead, You’re all dead, You’re all Dead.” This is more evil than what we are used to from Bray as The Hardy Boy’s music hits and Matt Hardy is heading to the ring to challenge Bray Wyatt. Will Bray be victorious in his return from his absence and continue the losing streak of Matt Hardy. Or will the Matt finally make this losing streak officially “Broken”


WE are back to action as Bray is completely controlling the match, the announce team is questioning if Matt Hardy is starting to lose his mind. He is on one of the longer losing streaks of his career and even brought up the fact that Matt attacked Elias before their match even started last week on Raw. As Bray continues to dominate, Matt Hardy gains control of the Wyatt family patriarch and lands a bulldog. Matt continues his momentum and hits Bray with the Side Effect, Matt goes for the Twist of Fate and Bray temporarily gains control and attempts to get Matt closed in the corner but Matt hits Bray with an elbow. Matt gets on the top rope and attempts an attack on Bray but Bray moves out of the way and as Matt is regaining his feet Bray Wyatt gets in his upside-down Spider type crawl which warps the mind of Matt Hardy long enough for Bray to gain control and hits Hardy with Sister Abigail and gets the pinfall victory.

After Bray exits the rings, we are cut to Matt who is sitting Indian style in the corner of the ring, upset after his defeat. And he is regaining his composure, he quickly loses control and begins to start his “DELETE” chant. Michael Cole then questions if we are starting to see the Matt Hardy “Breakdown”

They cut to another promo for our Intercontinental Title match of Elias and the Champion Roman Reigns as we head to another commercial. Stay Tuned with us at Bodyslam.net for more updates livfrom Knoxville