“Broken” Matt Hardy Returns, Mike Santana & Nic Nemeth in Action  – TNA Impact Results – 04/25/24

The show kicks off with Nic Nemeth coming out to the ring.

Nemeth says he doesn’t know what to do after his loss to Moose at Rebellion. He has his family there supporting him at ringside, and he feels like he let them down. Nic says he doesn’t know if hell get another chance at the title, and that right now he feels broken…

Which was a great segway for “Broken” Matt Hardy to make his way out to the ring. 

Matt comes out and says he was hoping hed be competing with Nic for the World Title. Matt says he watched the footage and wonders in the people saw the same thing he did. Matt then shows the clip of Nic Nemeth’s shoulder being up off the canvas when the referee was making the 3 count. He says it did not look like an official pinfall. Matt says he doesn’t know what’s next for Nemeth, but he knows that he’s come to TNA to become the World Champion, and it’ll likely be Matt who hell be facing instead of Moose.

The System interrupts Matt. Moose says that this isn’t football and you can’t challenge the play. He says that Nic lost after getting his ass kicked all around the ring. 

Nic says that if they want to talk trash, he and Hardy are outnumbered, so they should come into the ring and say it to their faces. 
Moose passes the microphone to Eddie Edwards. Eddie says that Nemeth came to TNA thinking he was going to be the next Kurt Angle, but is really the next Eric Angle. 

Nemeth says that he now knows what he’s going to do next – beat the hell out of Eddie Edwards tonight in the ring!

We go backstage to the Director of Authority Santino Marella overseeing the “Ballot Box Battle”, where various talent can put their names in a ballot box for a chance to wrestle each other and become the number one contender to the X Division Title. X Division Champion Mustafa Ali is standing by with the Good Hands as John Skyler and Jason Hotch casts their ballots. Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace walks up and casts her ballot as well, and then asks to speak privately with Santino. The Good Hands and Ali scatter. 

We see clips from the Knockouts World Title match at Rebellion where Jordynne Grace defended against Steph De Lander, and surely shenanigans ensued during the match.  

Jordynne Grace is standing by with Gia Miller backstage. Grace says that the match isn’t what she’s used to, but she was glad that PCO and a returning Sami Callihan had her back for it, and she was happy to see him back. Gia says that everyone is excited to see Grace take on Miyu Yamashita next week in a non-title match. Jordynne says that she just got done talking to Santino, and she wants to be a fighting champion, so it WILL be a Knockouts World Title match next week against Miyu. 

Miyu walks up and says that next week she will kick her ass and take her title. 

Grace steps up to Miyu and both women stare each other down.

-Mike Santana vs Myron Reed (w/The Rascalz)

Santana picks up the victory when he hits Reed with STP and gains the pinfall.

Immediately after the victory, Steve Maclins music hits and he comes out from the back. He tells the Rascalz to surround the ring with him and they oblige at first. As soon as Maclin gets into the ring, the Rascalz get down off the apron and flee to the back as Maclin is left in the ring with Santana by himself. Maclin bounces off the ropes and catches one of them, pulling himself out of the ring. 

A graphic appears on the screen as Tom Hannifan hypes the re-signing of Steve Maclin with TNA Wrestling. 

We go backstage to Steph De Lander standing around with Kon. Steph says that what happened at Rebellion is going to be dubbed “The Las Vegas Screw Job”, but that Grace was more prepared for the match then she was. SDL challenges Grace and PCO to a tag team match against her and Kon at Under Siege. 

Josh Alexander comes out from the back and down to the ring. Josh grabs a microphone and says he bleeds for the three letters on the canvas in the ring – TNA – and Josh says he proved it when he bled in the ring for those three letters. Josh says goes by many names – The Walking Weapon, The Gate Keeper, the Standard – but there’s on thing he hasn’t been called in a long time and that is TNA WORLD CHAMPION. 

Josh is interrupted by Frankie Kazarian, who says that one win does not give Josh the automatic path to that title. 

Josh suggests they wrestle each other to determine a number one contender for the TNA World Title.

Kazarian says if theres anyone who should be next in line for a shot at the TNA World Title, its him. He just defeated Eric Young in Full Metal Mayhem.

Josh says it seems that there is a problem between the two, so they should have a match to crown a number one contender. Frankie Kazarian tries to backtrack and say that right now he doesn’t waste his time. Kazarian is headed to the back when he’s stopped by a referee who tells him that the match has officially been sanctioned to happen right now. 

At one point in the match, Kazarian pulls a chair out from underneath the ring. The referee grabs the chair from Kazarian, so Kazarian pulls out a chain while the referee is distracted. Just before he could hit Josh with it, Eric Young comes down the ramp with a bandage wrapped around his head and grabs the chain. As soon as he sees Young, Kazarian goes to the mat and Young gets ejected from ringside. Josh grabs Kazarian’s leg and pulls him to the middle of the ring as he applies to ANKLE LOCK to Kazarian. Kazarian tries to fight it but taps out.

Josh Alexander becomes the new #1 contender for the TNA World Title.

We go backstage where Santino is still overseeing the ballot box. Jake walks up and Santino tells him that he’s not eligible to participate since he just had an opportunity. Cody Deaner places his ballot into the box just As Alex Hammerstone walks up. Hammerstone is furious and says that he needs to talk to Santino about the Last Man Standing match from last weekend. Santino says he’s in the middle of something, but Hammerstone says it’s not anything important so he can step away and have a conversation with him. Jake says Hammerstone needs to show some respect. Hammerstone shoves Jake and then the two of them need to be pulled apart. Santino says if they want to fight they can do it at Under Siege next weekend.

We see First Class and Bun B pull up in the parking lot outside. All three men make their way out of the entrance ramp as Gia introduces them. Gia asked Rich if he thinks the victory over Joe Hendry was tainted. Rich says all people saw was when the match was happening was Joe getting his ass kicked all over the place. Rich says since they started dealing with Joe Hendry, all he’s done is put disrespect on their names, but that the ass whooping he got at Rebellion should teach him to put respect on their names. Gia asks if they will respect Joe the next time they see him. Joe then appears. Joe says hes going to issue an apology.

Xia Brookside vs Ash By Elegance (w/George Iceman)

Brookside picks up the victory via a rollup pin. Ash was distracted with the referee taking some brass knuckles away from her, and Xia came up from behind and rolled her up.

We go backstage to Santino standing over the ballot box. Multiple talent are standing around in anticipation of the names being drawn. Trey Miguel and Ace Austin were the two names drawn. Both men will compete next week to determine the #1 contender to the X Division Title

Handicapped Match

-Sami Callihan vs The Good Hands

Sami nails Hotch with a Cactus Driver 97 to pick up the victory.

Steve Maclin approaches Frankie Kazarian backstage in an attempt to form an alliance.

Nic Nemeth vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards nails Nemeth with a BOSTON KNEE PARTY and a cover for the pinfall. Ryan Nemeth was ringside and got into an altercation with Brian Myers, which pulled the referees attention out of the ring. Moose came out and nailed Nemeth with his World Title belt, which laid him out. Once Nemeth started to get back up, Edwards struck. 

Post- Match The System took out Nic Nemeth. It started with a beatdown, and then they used a chair and put it around his neck. Moose took a chair and whacked the chair that Nemeth had placed around his neck.  Speedball Mountain come out with chairs and run off The System. Ryan Nemeth comes into the ring to check on his brother.

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