WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap

Rumors are that Jason Jordan will accept Roman Reign’s open challenge for the Intercontinental Title

Also speaking of the Shield, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins might get their rematch for the Tag Team Titles against The Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus

Possibly two titles fights including plenty of other live action and we got you with live updates and recaps……. Stay Tuned…

(8:00 pm)
Started with a montage of Kane and Braun Strowman’s most recent clash. The Monster Among Men will be looking for revenge tonight

The Big Dog Roman Reigns has made his way to the ring, Will Jason Jordan step up and accept the open challenge???

Roman describes how he finally shut the Miz’s mouth and that we wont be seeing him for a long time, as he is rumored to be taking time off to help with Maryse’s pregnancy.

Roman issues his open challenge and to the surprise of everyone involves, the Miz’s music hits and instead of the Miz it is Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and they brought with them Elias….and he accepts the open challenge….will the Intercontinental Title be “walking with Elias” or will Roman defend his title sucessfully?

As Roman is walking up the ramp his Shield Teammate Seth Rollins music hits and he is on his way to the ring to battle Cesaro. Michael Cole notes that Sheamus is in Ireland and Dean is on his honeymoon so we will see who is the better man as each will be going into this battle alone

As Ceasro is making his way to the ring, they show the highlights from Dean Ambrose’s victory over Sheamus on his and Seth Rollins quest to regain their tag titles

We are live as Rollins gets the early advantage over Cesaro as the commentators speak on Cesaro’s mouthpiece and how he broke his front teeth on the turnbuckle on Raw a few weeks ago.

Cesaro takes control as we head to a commercial break

We are back to action as Cesaro is still in control. We have a great crowd here in Knoxville following the action.

Ceasro tries a high risk maneuver from the top rope, and Seth pushes him down and attempts to jump off the turnbuckle and Ceasro catches him in mid air and hits him with a devastating back breaker. Goes for the pin and Seth Rollins kicks out at 2….you can see the frustration in Ceasro’s face as he wonders what it will take to get the victory

Ceasro continues to work on the back of Seth Rollins ever since the impact of that back breaker. Ceasro goes for the abdominal stretch and Rollins hits the Blockbuster but landed on his back with the move. Rollins starts to attempt to get back in the match and hits Cesaro will a perfect leg drop across the back of Cesaro’s neck on the apron and follows it will a suicide dive from the ring to the outside as we head to our next commercial break…..Will Rollins continue his comeback and get the win or will Cesaro regain the momentum and get the win? Stay Tuned with us at BodySlam.net for live updates