WWE Monday Night RAW – 11/27/17 – Live Results & Recap


We are back to Raw at the Thomas-Boling Arena for Raw as they discuss the recent battle between Kane and Braun Strowman as they cut back to Kurt Angle’s office where Kurt is joined by his “son” Jason Jordan. Kurt asks Jason if he is back to 100% health and Jason says he is, so Kurt announces that Jason Jordan will go one on one with Kane tonight on Raw

Back to Action as we have one of our Cruiserweight Preliminary number one contender bouts as we have a Fatal Four Way to decide who will move on to the next round of challenges. We have Rick Swann, Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar and Akira Tozawa…..with Enzo at ringside watching them battle.

Enzo calls on the “Zo Train” to get together as Dar and Daivari work together and get the better of Tozawa. Rich Swann is then knocked from the side of the apron and Daivari goes for a suplex on the outside of the ring and cant get Swann up until Dar joins him on the outside and them team together for a double suplex slamming Swann hard against the unforgiving floor on the outside. We cut to a commercial as we have Swann displaying the pain from receiving that recent double suplex


We are back to our Cruiserweight Fatal Four Way as we still have two of the members of the “Zo-Train” Dar and Daivari working on Akira Tozawa and after a quick exchange Tozawa momentarily gains controlf of the two but Daivari and Dar reclaim the momentum as they attempt a second double suplex this time from the top rope. But before they are able to get Tozawa up, Rich Swann gets back in the ring and gets under the members of the Zo Train and delivers a double power bomb and gets all three of the other competitors with a hard slam


As the momentum goes back and forth between all 4 members Tozawa gets to the top rope and hits a high impact manuever on Daivari. But Noam Dar gains control and throws Tozawa away and goes for the pin against his Zo Train teammate. After a quick exchange Rich Swann hits Dar with a hard super kick and then gets on the top rope and hits Dar with the Phoenix Splash and gets the pinfall victory as he will face the winner of the other Fatal Four way to decide who will challenge Enzo for the Cruiserweight Title

After one of the more enjoyable Cruiserweight matches in some time, we have one last promo for our Intercontinental Title Match as we will get the Champion Roman Reigns VS Elias after this commercial break. Stay tuned for live updates of this exciting Intercontinental Title matchup NEXT


We are back and live from Knoxville we have our INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH live on RAW. As good of a streak that Elias is on, this match could headline a Pay Per View but we have live updated action here at BodySlam.net

We have Elias in the ring with his guitar and his silhouette lighting in the ring as he asks the crowd, “Who wants to walk with Elias?” to a loud response of mixed Boo’s and Cheers from the crowd as Elias prepares for his song he says that he is dedicating his performance to the Miz, his wife and his child. He tells the crowd to “Shut their Mouths” and claims if they dont he wont perform. Then changes his mind because he claims the Miz will want to hear this. His song is “The Miztourage Blues” and claims that if they “Follow Elias” “he will have you” saying he will take control and now lead the Miztourage in the Miz’s absence

Elias then invites Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to the ring and has them join him for a song as Bo Dallas SHREDS on the Harmonica while Curtis also plays the harmonica while Elias plays a melody, Booker T even comments “That boy is good” as Bo and Axel continue to play along with Elias

Elias begins to pick a third melody after the Miztourage exits the rings as the fans of Knoxville begin to chant “WE WANT ROMAN”

We start the 10 O’ clock hour with Elias playing with the crowds chants by yelling “No one wants Roman more than he does right now” he tells the Miztourage to have a seat ringside and demands the crowd have a seat as well as we finally hear the music for Roman Reigns. Roman comes out and stops at the top of the aisle and holds his title high up in the air to cheers from the crowd before he makes his way down the entrance to the ring for his match with Elias.

Charlie announces the matchup for the Intercontinental Title as we head to our last commercial break before this match begins. Stay with us as next up we have the live updates of the match between Elias and the Big Dog Roman Reigns. Will we Walk with Elias or will the Big Dog defend “his yard”


Raw is back live as Roman Reigns defends his Intercontinental Title for the very first time. Roman appears to be outnumbered as Elias has Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel ringside with him tonight and Roman is solo without the Shield being there to even the odds. We start out with a couple of tie ups as the announcers explain that this is Elias first ever title match in his brief WWE Career. Elias gains control with some powerful blows and attempts a quick cover but to no avail as Roman quickly kicks out. Elias gets Reigns back up on his feet and throws him into the corner, missing the turnbuckle as Reigns shoulder connects with the Steel turnbuckle pole.

Elias continues his assault and then Reigns attempts to get momentum before he is stopped abruptly with a powerful hit from Elias. Elias then stays on Roman with a solid chin lock with his powerful arms trying to take all the air out of Roman Reigns and wearing him out so he can continue his offense in this match.

Finally after the chin lock Roman is able to gain quick control until Bo Dallas gets up on the apron, Reigns hits Bo with a strong right hand knocking him to the canvas but unfortunately Elias uses this lapse in concentration on Romans part to hit Reigns with a jumping knee to the jaw. Elias goes for the cover and gets a two count as we head to a commercial break


we are back at the Thomas-Boling Arena for the continuation of our Intercontinental Title Match. We have seen alot of strong offense from Elias, he has really stepped up to the task in his first ever title match in the WWE, this kid seems to have a bright future ahead of him regardless of the outcome of this match.

Elias continues to have control of the match before Roman attempts to get a quick breather by throwing Elias out of the ring. Elias is trying to get back in the ring before Reigns hits Elias with his patented “Drive By” and then delivers a perfect Superman punch to Bo Dallas and follows that up with a Spear to Axel. Elias uses this time to gain back control of Reigns as he throws him back in the ring. Elias then climbs to the top buckle and does his best Macho Man Randy Savage impersonation and hits Reigns with a high flying elbow and gets another 2 count. After Reigns gain temporary control of Elias, Elias gains control of Roman and hits Reigns with a powerful sit-out powerbomb for another close 2 count. Elias has come inches from the Intercontinental Title on multiple occassions

Elias is starting to get very frustraited from his lack of being able to put the Big Dog away, this lapse in Elias’ judgement allows Roman to get his breathe back as Roman hits Elias with a Superman punch and goes for cover for Elias to kick out at 2. Roman gets in the corner and prepares for his Spear but as he attempts to cross the ring for his spear Elias counters with a foot to the face, but before Elias has a chance to capitalize on the counter he is goes running against the ropes to gain momentum but is hit with the Spear and Roman Reigns gets the 1….2….3 Pin Fall victory

Although Elias lost the match he shows the WWE Universe that he is a game competitor and he will take on anyone.

As Roman heads to the top of the Apron he turns to raise his Intercontinental Title in the air but as he turns back towards the ring he is surprised by being locked in the Coquina Clutch by Samoa Joe. After Joe chokes the champion unconscious, he tell Reigns that he “Is coming for you” as the two are being separated by WWE officials. But before Joe heads to the back he attacks Roman one last time to make sure Roman got the message he was trying to deliver. This is going to be one hard hitting matchup. One that I personally cant wait to watch