205 Live Recap: Episode 146

Last Week on 205 Live: Tony Nese lost to Mike Kanellis and Kanellis didn’t need any help, which is a first ever for 205 Live. Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick picked up a quick victory over some enhancement talent. Then they challenged Jack Gallagher and a partner of his choosing to a match this week. Lince Dorado became the second person to pin Humberto Carrillo in six months, earning the chance to join the cruiserweight championship match. After the match Drew Gulak and Tony Nese attacked both Dorado and Carrillo. Nese was able to turn back to being a heel without ever having one actual character trait.

Cold Open

We get a recap of two weeks ago where Humberto Carrillo defeated Oney Lorcan to advance to the cruiserweight championship match against Drew Gulak at Clash of Champions. Cut to last week where Lince Dorado was given a chance to join the match if he beat Humberto Carrillo, which he did. Then we see Nese and Gulak beat down the contenders.

The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Kushida

  • Jack Gallagher starts off by rapping some Notorious B.I.G. then addresses the fact that he was injured and not ducking Brian Kendrick. Then Jack announces Kushida.
  • New York knows who Kushida is and chant for him to start off the show. Kushida and Kendrick begin the match.
  • Kushida is out wrestling Kendrick and Kendrick s beginning t lose his cool. Kushida started by working the arm and then tagged Gallagher in, who also works the arm over.
  • I’m looking for moments in the match where The Brian Kendrick stretches the rules or even cheats. The whole story to this match was that Tozawa beat Gallagher and Kendrick may or may not have cheated. Now every match there is accidental bending of the rules. The problem is that there is no clear babyface in this match outside of Kushida. I know the other three have babyface tendencies, but Jack goes back and forth a lot and Kendrick and Tozawa could be purposefully cheating.
  • Kendrick and Tozawa got the advantage and single out Gallagher, then they do quick tags and pick Jack apart. Really wrestling like a heel team.
  • Kushida gets the hot tag and is able to take on Kendrick and Tozawa by himself. Even if Kendrick counters a move, Kushida is able to counter and hit another move instantly.
  • Once Kushida goes for a submission, then that leaves him open for Kushida open for Tozawa to attack and cool the hot tag off.
  • Kushida is able to fight off Kendrick and Tozawa off himself and puts Kendrick in the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

And I’m Like… 205 Live does an amazing job at showcasing wrestling. Chad Gable shows up and just blows away the crowd and the audience at home with his ability, then Kushida does the same. All thanks to Gallagher. I hope Kushida gets to do what Oney Lorcan did for a bit and jump in between 205 and NXT. Good shit.

Singh Brothers cut a backstage promo while sitting on director chairs with a rainbow background. They say that they will star in the next 205 Live, while holding one of those “end scene” things that says their director is The Great Khali.

Mike Kanellis gets interviewed in the back sans Maria. Mike says he is sick of doing nothing, and he wants to prove to his wife that he is worth something. Maria shows up and says Mike winning the match was pathetic. No story or character has gotten worse than Kanellis. Earlier this year he was complex and everyone of his matches meant something, now he is basically a loser, even if he wins. The only person that could have had a worse turn around would be Kevin Owens.

Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

  • So this match was supposed to be a normal tag match but Gulak, Nese and Daivari attacked the babyfaces during their entrance. Metalik showed up to save the day and now its a trios.
  • Metalik had a great showing against Rey Mysterio on Monday but he was wearing white gear in that match. He is wearing red gear in this match and I think that’s a mistake. The general audience might know him from Raw but they won’t recognize a gear change.
  • Lince and Daivari start off the match and they’ve had quite a history lately. With Daivari trying to convince Dorado to leave Lucha House Party and Lince telling Daivari he is trash.
  • I forgot to say that Nigel McGuinness has left 205 Live to work NXT full time. His spot his filled by Dio Maddin, formerly known as Brennen Williams, he wrestles for NXT. Never made it on NXT proper, but toured the live shows, unsure if he is done wrestling going forward or what.
  • The match slows down a lot with Lince getting worked over. Dio doesn’t bring much energy to the commentary booth, but he brings insight and something different that I can’t put my finger on. Nigel always says things with so much energy and emotion.
  • The crowd got lit, but not for the match, something happened off screen and the crowd is cheering and boo’ing whatever is happening. The loudest I’ve heard all night.
  • So what happened was some dude held up his baby and the crowd loved it. Then they started cheering for the baby and diverting all their attention to the baby….
  • Gulak notices this happening and takes Gran Metalik and rocks him like a baby and the crowd is back into the match!! This is wild.
  • Well he got the crowd back for a bit but the crowd is infatuated with the baby. I can’t believe that the majority of this match has been forgotten because the crowd saw a baby.
  • That baby should really be sleeping though. Has to be so tired.
  • Humberto gets a hot tag but the crowd hasn’t paid attention to the story so they really don’t know how to react. More chants for the baby as Humberto and the other five guys are killing themselves for not the live crowds entertainment.
  • The match is in the final portions with tons of dudes jumping off the top rope and doing finishers, but the crowd is completely lost. It’ really sad to see. Like there are four or five different chants for this baby.
  • If only the crowd showed this much energy to the guys in the ring, maybe 205 Live would be enjoyable, but alas.
  • This will for sure be something Dio Maddin will remember for the rest of his life.
  • The faces all go for moonsaults and all are caught with boots to the face, three superkicks and all six men are laid out. There are portions of the match that you can tell were asking for the “this is awesome” chants, but the wrestlers are getting no reactions at all. As I’m watching this I really just want the match to end because you can tell the crowd doesn’t care at all.
  • Gulak goes to hit the cyclone crash finisher, you may have seen it during the King of The Ring semi-finals match between Shane McMahon and Chad Gable. Shane used it for a near fall.
  • Lince Dorado hit a shooting star press on Drew Gulak and got the win.

And I’m Like… What can we really talk about outside of the baby. I don’t know what to say, these dudes are killing themselves for a baby to get cheered. The baby isn’t even old enough to remember this in three months, but the wrestlers and crowd will probably remember it forever.

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