205 Live Recap: Episode 145

Last week on 205 Live: Ariya Daivari gained a victory over Kalisto after a hard fought match, this was Kalisto’s chance to prove Ariya wrong. Ariya has been trying to convince Lince Dorado that he would be better off without Lucha House Party, so Kalisto challenged Ariya to a match and lost. Oney Lorcan lost to Humberto Carrillo, this was significant because Lorcan was the only person to pin Carrillo in the last five months.

Cold Open

205 Live starts with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns being laid out. So that’s nice. DANIEL BRYAN IS FINALLY ON 205 Live!!.

We see Lince and Humberto backstage talking to Drake Maverick. Drake says if Lince beats Humberto, he is added to the championship match. Carrillo already earned a shot but he is a good competitor and smiles at Lince.

Tony Nese vs. Mike Kanellis

  • So Tony Nese is neither face nor heel and has no gimmick now. This match happened because Tony is mad about a tweet Mike made. The one complaint I have with 205 Live, is whatever they are ever doing with Tony Nese. Maybe he needs a manager or something.
  • Maria is too pregnant to fly now I am guessing cause Mike’s cuck storyline is over and he is directionless on 205 Live as well.
  • Kanellis seems to be going to farther lengths to win this match. Brawling with Nese and DDT’ing him outside on the entrance ramp.
  • Nese gets in at 9 but walks right into a DVD bomb for two.
  • I guess Maria is watching backstage, so I don’t know why the storyline with Kanellis was dropped.
  • Some people complain about wrestling today because a lot of transition moves used to be finishing moves, and the wrestlers can be hit with dozens of moves that are high impact and still kick out. I liked to believe that since drug testing happens more often and steroids are banned, the wrestlers HP is a lot lower than it used to be. So that’s why their moves aren’t as effective.
  • Vic Joseph is talking about the 205 Roster and says Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott and Angel Garza! I didn’t know they were actual members of the roster. I wonder where that leaves Chad Gable.
  • Nese gets a bit of offense in during his comeback but can’t put Mike away. The match seems to be getting into act three. Not much in terms of story going into the match and I don’t feel like there is much of a story in the match either. The crowd was hot a bit at the beginning but are kind of quiet now. They react to the pins and stuff though so that’s good.
  • I think the story is that both men are in a rut and are fighting to get a win to put their career back on track. So they are just throwing bombs and big moves to win. Then Kanellis goes and demands Nese to hit him, which makes no sense. All it does is lead to a yay/boo spot with running strikes.
  • Nese hits a Fosbury flop and a 450 splash and Kanellis kicks out. Camera cuts to the back and Maria is smiling, that’s new.
  • “This is Awesome” from the crowd, really strange. The crowd is reacting to the moves with ooh’s and aah’s but they don’t seem to be cheering or boo’ing.
  • Kanellis ends up getting the win after hitting his finisher.

And I’m Like… Well Kanellis won on his own, without cheating. That’s good. I don’t know what to think of this match. It was a match, it was well wrestled, but had no emotion behind it, at least I didn’t feel anything watching it.

Ariya Daivari goes backstage to talk to Lince Dorado. Asking for a thank you because Ariya said he took out Gran Metalik and beat Kalisto. Ariya says without him Lince wouldn’t be in this position, Lince says the Lucha House Party doesn’t even talk to him anymore. He then calls Daivari a leech.

The Singh Brothers cut a promo about how they are going to be feuding with Kendrick and Tozawa. They will be watching the next match to find a weakness in Kendrick and Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick vs. Brandon Scott and Tyler Hastings

  • Scott and Hastings lost to the Viking Raiders on Raw, so now they are going to try and win tonight against the 205 tag teams.
  • The crowd is doing Tozawa’s chant to start the match. Commentary talks about how Jack Gallagher is kind of feuding with Kendrick and Tozawa as well.
  • Kendrick and Tozawa win within three minutes.

And I’m Like… The typical showcase match to separate the two long matches on 205 Live. Kendrick and Tozawa get some mic time after the match to tell Jack Gallagher to pick a teammate for next week.

Oney Lorcan catches Tony Nese freaking out backstage, tries to console him, but Nese attacks Lorcan. Nese can’t do backstage beatdowns that well. I just don’t get him as a character or wrestler at all.

Lince Dorado vs. Humberto Carrillo

  • If Humberto wins he faces Gulak alone for the Cruiserweight championship at Clash of Champions, if Lince wins he gets added to the match. Lince is on the outs with Lucha House Party because of him listening to Ariya Daivari, so this is Lince’s chance to win on his own.
  • Vic Joseph says Corey Graves acts around Mandy Rose like Aiden English acts around Humberto Carrillo.
  • The match starts kind of slow with a feeling out process.
  • Lince tries to hit some lucha moves but he and Carrillo’s timing is off. Not enough to botch a move, but just enough for it to be noticeable.
  • Both men try for offense but the other man is able to counter it, letting us know they are both very even in their abilities.
  • Lince and Humberto get face to face and just start slapping each other. Humberto is fired up and picks up the pace. Now we get a bevy of arm drags and hurricanranas.
  • Lince answers back by doing a suicide dive DDT onto the floor and many in the crowd chant “205”.
  • This is a babyface vs. babyface match, which is weird because the first match was like a heel vs. heel if Tony Nese actually had an alignment. But, when either man is in control, they are more aggressive than normal. It’s an interesting dynamic.
  • Humberto hits like five high flying moves in a row and only gets a two count after all of that. Commentary mentions that Humberto comes from a wrestling family and is the first member of his family to be signed to WWE. So Humberto has his entire family heritage on his back to prove their worth.
  • Dorado is known as the forgotten member of Lucha House Party and is trying to prove that he isn’t the weakest link.
  • The closes nearfall comes from when Humberto hits a straight jacket sit out powerbomb. It was wild because at the kick out some members of the crowd legit screamed. This Virginia crowd is really good.
  • The yay/boo strike battle is now happening, which is WWE speak for beginning of third act.
  • Both men’s chests are getting pink from the chops they have sustained. This match has hit another gear and these two are really tearing it up.
  • Dorado hits his Shooting Star Press finisher but Carrillo is wise and rolls his body out of the ring. Carrillo seems to not have much fight left and is wrestling on instinct now.
  • Dorado is able to hit a hurricanrana pin combination and puts Carrillo away.

And I’m Like… Carrillo has now been pinned twice in five months and Lince is the only one who Humberto hasn’t beaten. The reason this match worked and the Nese/Kanellis match didn’t is because the crowd knew they could cheer both Dorado and Carrillo. After the match Drew Gulak attacks Lince and Nese comes out and attacks Carrillo. Nese is for sure a heel now and back to being Gulak’s lackey.

This episode was a fun episode, with all the story and fantastic wrestling really taking shape at the end of the show. These feuds are beginning to have layers and pathos to them, which is fantastic. Shout out to Gulak for doing the whole beatdown with his belt on and then taking it off to show boat.

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