Crowd For 205 Live Gets Distracted By A Baby

Earlier today I was reviewing 205 Live and during the main event, the crowd started to get really loud. It didn’t correlate with what was going on in the ring, it didn’t make sense. Then an audible chant of “Hey we want some Baby” starting ringing through the arena. Fans were standing up and looking away from the ring.

When you type 205 Live in on Twitter search, the first thing that’s pops up at the moment is 205 Live baby.

As it turns out, during the trios match a guy lifted a baby up, and the crowd went wild.

Drew Gulak tried to win the crowd back by playing along and grabbing Gran Metalik and rocking him like a baby. It won the crowd over for a bit but by then their attention was irredeemable.

This may be the first time ever that a crowd stopped actively participating in the match to cheer for a baby. Who, may I add was up way past it’s bedtime.

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