NXT Recap: Episode 522

Last week on NXT: Undisputed Era started the show with a promo like it was Raw or something. Jordan Myles walked out looking like he was about to sell you on the good word of the Lord but instead cashed in his Breakout Tournament contract for a shot against Adam Cole for the NXT Championship set for a later date. Mansoor got squashed by Damian Priest. Vanessa Borne got squashed by Mia Yim, who then got beat up by the Women of MMA. Shane Thorne outsmarted Bronson Reed during Shane’s quest to defeat everyone in the Breakout Tournament. Matt Riddle got absolutely decimated by Killian Dain in a surprising turn of events.

Cold Open

A hype for the main event. Street Profits vs. Undisputed for the tag championships.

Io Shirai vs. Cami Fields

  • Io Shirai’s music might be the last great entrance song in WWE for a while. CFO$ doesn’t work with WWE anymore, and there isn’t word on who is doing the new themes. But, if you’ve heard Elias and Buddy Murphy’s new themes, you can tell that it’s generic garbage.
  • Cami Fields isn’t someone I’m familiar with and her entrance music is hot garbage.
  • This match is Io being a complete badass and dominating. She still plays to the crowd, doesn’t even wipe her hair from her own face. Io hits her moonsault finish, but then stops the pin to put the Harijuku clutch on Cami for the finish.

And I’m Like… Good on Io to debut a submission move. Her moonsault is to fan friendly and Io is sinister as fuck now. Io went under the ring to get a kendo stick, about to dole out damage but Candice LeRae comes out and beats the shit out of Io. Great segment.

Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

  • Dijakovic is back from injury and picking up where he left of five months ago. Keith Lee was just in a holding pattern as well.
  • The match starts with the crowd basking in Keith’s glory while Dijakovic is telling them to feast their eyes.
  • Dijakovic tries to take Keith down with a shoulder block but Keith Lee is a brickhouse, just letting it all hang out.
  • Dijakovic is able to damage Lee with a cyclone boot to the face. This is NXT’s equivalent of Godzilla vs. King Kong.
  • The story of this match is legit, monster battle. Each man hits huge blows, each man shows extreme agility and strength and is able to have a small advantage before getting rocked.
  • Dijakovic is finally able to get an actual advantage after a flurry of strikes, a menacing staredown, a super kick and a Fosbury flop. The crowd lit up after that.
  • Dijakovic went for a front flip senton but Keith Lee caught him lke a baby. Went for a powerbomb and Dijakovic countered. Dijakovic just suplex throws Keith across the ring.
  • Dijakovic hits a moonsault for a two count. This is a fight forever type of match/feud. They’ve already been fighting forever through Evolve/Beyond/PWG and they both were in ROH around the same time.
  • They must think this is 205 Live because now both men are battling on the top rope. Mauro says “as steady as a baby on a horse”
  • Keith and Dijakovic get “please don’t die chants” as they do a top rope Spanish Fly.
  • Keith goes for the cover and gets a two. The crowd becomes unglued. A reaction out of Full Sail that I haven’t heard in a long time. Like awe, screaming, cheering and a sense of disbelief. There is chants of “NXT” and “Fight Forever”.
  • Now the match has slowed and the crowd is quietly anticipating what will happen next. Keith Lee climbs to the top rope once again, but struggles. Dijakovic crotches Lee and is able to hit Feast Your Eyes for the win.

And I’m Like… This match got a standing ovation. I’m disappointed Keith didn’t win but if he was gonna lose, this is the best match to lose to. These two men just showed us that the future of NXT is going to be just fine. NXT on USA will be just fine with these two on the show. I am so grateful I got to witness this match. SEEK THIS SHIT OUT!

A career retrospective of Johnny Gargano. From training to be a wrestler to making it to NXT and winning every championship NXT has to offer. He contemplates what to do next. Which is weird to me, because if you say “I have nothing left in NXT, I’ve done it all” then what happens if you do the same thing in WWE? Are you just done with wrestling? Do you stick around for “legacy”?

Shane Throne shows up to tell commentary to stop talking about Gargano. He is the pat and Shane is the future. As Shane talks I can’t help but think of Murray from Flight of The Conchords. “What about the future? What about my kicks?” are things Shane says.

Shayna Baszler offering Mia a chance to join the Horsewomen is recapped. Mia turned it down and got jumped, then went to complain to Regal but he was all “you had your chance and jumped them before Takeover, what do you think would happen?” Regal is the best GM.

Shayna comes out to say something and “THIS IS MY BRUTALITY” hits over the speakers. The crowd goes berserk and scream. Rhea Ripley saunters her way to the ring. It’s weird that both Rhea and Pete Dunne showed up to NXT after being beaten up by bigger people in NXT UK. Rhea takes the mic and says “I know what you are going to say, that you’ve beaten everyone here. Well you haven’t beaten me bitch.”

Speaking of Pete Dunne, he gets a video package about how good he is and what his plans are for NXT. He goes where he wants whenever he wants. He said he isn’t done with NXT UK, he is just putting everyone on notice and wants the North American championship.

NXT Tag Team Championships

Street Profits (c) vs. Undisputed ERA

  • Kyle O’Reilly, if he wins the championships, will be a three time NXT Tag Team champion. That would be a first ever and cement O’Reilly as the greatest tag team competitor in NXT history.
  • Street Profit come out and the crowd is absolutely hype. Profits don’t seem to have as much energy as they normally do, well Dawkins does but Montez Ford seems to be more serious than usual.
  • The match starts with Ford and Fish in a feeling out process. They are starting out with a slow pace, meaning this 15 minutes is gonna explode towards the end. I say 15 minutes because that’s the time left in the show.
  • Usually there aren’t rematches this quickly but Street Profits won the last title defense by pinning the illegal man at Takeover. So Regal booked the match.
  • Dawkins and Kyle wrestle a bit but then Fish is tagged in. Dawkins hits a belly to belly so hard that his two headbands flew off of his head.
  • After a bit of action it’s back to Fish and Ford working limbs again.
  • Fish and O’Reilly have now focused on Montez’ leg, specifically the knee cap. I am just now realizing how tiny Ford’s legs are. He’s got Rick Rude legs.
  • Ford is able to escape Fish’s attacks and gets the tag into Dawkins. The crowd pops for a millisecond but WWE does this thing in tag matches where both wrestlers tag their teammates at the same time. Which kind of nerfs the idea of a hot tag because now both teams of a hot man.
  • Dawkins shows fire and attacks, but the crowd isn’t where it should be because of the timing of the tags.
  • Undisputed Era hit Chasing the Dragon and Angelo kicks out. Dawkins has a leg lock put in and Montez does the old “push your opponent to break up the finish”.
  • Everyone looks winded as shit, but the match has yet to hit the next gear. The energy seems to be at the threshold of getting hype but just isn’t there.
  • So a finishing sequence happens and Ford is hit with the High/Low, better known as Total Elimination. Then Undisputed Era wins the championships.

And I’m Like… This explains Ford’s lack of energy. They must have been legit upset they were losing the belts and just didn’t have it in them to bring the swag like they normally do. That match should have been hotter than it was. Don’t really know what to say.

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