NXT Recap: Episode 521

Last Week on NXT: It was Takeover Hangover. Breezango defeated The Forgotten Sons rather easily. Jordan Myles won the Breakout Tournament. It was also chalk full of video packages.

Cold Open

Hype for tonight’s main event of Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle

WWE Photo

Undisputed Era opens up the show talking about how Adam Cole is the best NXT Champion of all time. Roderick, Bobby and Kyle all explain how they were screwed over and how they should all be champion right now.

As The Undisputed Era were walking up the ramp, Jordan Myles appeared with his NXT Breakout winnings. A contract promising him a championship match of his choosing. Jordan walked out and Adam said “hey you’re joking right?”. Jordan isn’t smiling right now. Myles extends the contract to Adam Cole and when Adam goes to reach for it, Myles drops the contract at the feet of Adam Cole. So that means Jordan is challenging Cole.

And I’m Like… That was a weird way for Myles to announce his championship intentions. I mean it got over Undisputed Era and rehashed what we already knew. Then Myles smiled while walking away, which is his character trait. So I guess it worked.

Bronson Reed was being interviewed at the Performance Center and Shane Thorne walked up to him like an asshole, so they are having a match.

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Mansoor vs. Damian Priest

  • Mansoor’s first match since winning the Saudi battle royal. Goldberg has had more matches than Mansoor since then. That’s sad. Especially since Mansoor is facing Damian Priest.
  • Mansoor refuses to back down to Priest, which was to his own detriment because Priest kicked the ever loving shit out of Mansoor.
  • Mansoor got a small package in on Damian and almost won the match. Priest sold shock and that opened Damian up to get hit with a sequence of moves by Mansoor.
  • Mansoor’s facials show that he knows this is his only chance, tope con hilo to the outside and a springboard neckbreaker to the inside showed promise. But, once Mansoor went for the tornado DDT, he got caught by Priest.
  • Damian did his cute little “I’m shooting you with an arrow” pose, hit his finish and that was that.

And I’m Like… This was a surprising match. Instead of it just showcasing Priest, Mansoor got some offense in. It was like a truncated version of Buddy Murphy vs. Roman Reigns. Priest cannot ever grow facial hair though, or he’d look identical to Roman Reigns.

NXT announces that on September 18th, they will be on USA Network now and two hours long. That’s really gonna fuck with my schedule.

Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne

  • This is Mia’s chance to regain some momentum since losing to Shayna at Takeover. This is Vanessa’s chance to prove she can move up a tier in the women’s division.
  • Vanessa has her gear look like she is wearing some lingerie and the straps that connect her boots to her butt are disconnected. That mus be so annoying to have little clips constantly banging against your ass.
  • Vanessa gets some offense in early and ends up spanking Mia with a sticker that says “lower”. A lower is the NXT equivalent to a “nasty”.
  • That was all the offense Vanessa got in because then Mia hit the “Break Ya Neck” move on Borne and quickly won the match.
  • As Mia was taunting to the crowd, Shayna and company came out to seek retribution against Mia for sneak attacking Jessamyn and Marina over the course of last month.
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And I’m Like… Before Mia got beatdown Shayna put her over really strong as being a bad ass. Vanessa Borne didn’t really look well in this, but she got her “lower” gimmick thing over. Shayna continuing her feud with Mia was pretty sweet. Having Shayna make sure Yim gets her comeuppance was sweet. Mia was invited to join the Horsewomen but decided not to, and that lead to her demise. Good shit.

We have a recap from the Dijakovic and Keith Lee feud that never happened six months ago. That’s wild that this is still getting video packages.

Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne

  • Bronson Reed is from Black Forest, and I’m pretty sure they make good organic gummies.
  • Shane Thorne is still getting over his gimmick of “cocky”.
  • Weirdest thing about Shane Thorne is that his tattoo’s are only on one half of his body.
  • Once Bronson actually gets a hold of Thorne, he dominates. Just plucking Thorne out of mid-air. Sitting on Thorne, running attacks. Thorne has to use some underhanded tactics to gain an advantage.
  • Thorne continually attacks Reed because he knows if he lets Bronson breath for just a second, it’s over for Thorne.
  • Thorne does really well, but after hitting the biggest move in the match, a front flip into the turnbuckle, Shane plays to the crowd then goes for the pin. That gets him a nearfall and ends Shane’s chance at staying in control of the match.
  • Reed was allowed to gain his composure and that was pretty much all she wrote for Shane Thorne. At least that’s what it seemed unless Thorne got a sneaky win over Bronson after using his veteran instincts.

And I’m Like… It seems Shane Thorne’s new gimmick is beating all the Breakout participants. Before that can be realized, Velveteen Dream comes out on a damn couch.

WWE Photo

Velveteen Dream does a Mastercard commercial. His shirt is $30, his sunglasses are $10 and him winning the North American championship match is priceless. Dream says he loves being on top, and tells Shane Thorne to impress him.

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

  • Riddle isn’t fucking around here and attacks Killian Dain from behind to start the match. Killian is wearing a shirt instead of showing off his hairy body in all it’s glory.
  • Riddle has his ribs taped up a bit and Killian zones in on those, standing on Riddle’s ribs and continually attacking them.
  • Riddle fights back by countering a suplex attempt with a fisherman buster. Riddle might have injured ribs, but dude knows how to dig deep.
  • Riddle attempts some strikes, but has to step it up with running forearms and an exploder suplex to keep on top of Dain.
  • This match is eerily similar to Bronson vs. Thorne, except the heel and face dynamic is reversed.
  • Riddle attempts to beat Dain into submission but Dain gets to the ropes. Riddle does not let up and does a deadlift German suplex on Dain. It’s wild how little offense Dain has gotten in to this point.
  • Just like Thorne losing his advantage after playing to the crowd, Riddle loses his advantage by playing to that same crowd.
  • Dain goes for a Senton but Riddle catches Dain in a rear naked choke. Killian fights to stand back up.
  • Riddle hits the Bro 2 Sleep, a powerbomb followed by a knee strike and only gets two. Riddle has almost used all his energy up to put Dain away but Killian keeps kicking out.
  • Riddle goes for a top rope move, but Dain counters and then they start brawling outside of the ring.
  • Shoutout to the little boy in the front row wearing a suit. That kid has got some style.
  • Dain drops Riddle on his face onto the steel steps, then hits a Vader Bomb off the apron. Brings Riddle in the ring and then hits multiple Vader Bomb’s onto Riddle’s injured ribs. After that Riddle gets pinned.
  • You’d think that would be the end of this feud, since Dain’s win was pretty dominate. But nope.

And I’m Like… Riddle has met his match against Killian Dain. The Bro has been defeated after a hard fought match and then destroyed after being a sore loser. I don’t know how this feud can escalate even more. The only saving grace was Riddle having ribs taped, so maybe if he was 100% he could take Dain out.

Another great episode of NXT, the fastest hour in wrestling.

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