Former WWE Writer Kazeem Famuyide On His First Day At Work For WWE

If you are a fan of hip-hop music and professional wrestling, then you’ve probably heard of Emilio Sparks podcast Wrasslerap.

Emilio Sparks is the host of the show but he would routinely have a co-host named Kaz. That Kaz is the same Kazeem Famuyide who just left WWE creative at the beginning of the year. Kaz sat down and talked about his first day of work for WWE.

I was in Stamford on Thursday for meetings and stuff and then I was out on the road that Sunday. I’m pretty sure my first trip was one Raw and Smackdown, then the go-home show, then Money In The Bank in Chicago.

First thing I did was um, you know, just sit in a room and they give you the whole spiel about welcome to the company. Then you watch a bunch of videos and sign a bunch of papers. Then they give you the whole rundown. You’re just learning so it’s like you’re back in college again… Once all that was done, it was like, hey, the teams working on Smackdown right now. I was initially on team Smackdown. So they brought me to the Smackdown creative room. I jumped right in, like I wasn’t nervous, I immediately had suggestions and feedback. Obviously I didn’t know how certain things worked yet, but they wanted ideas first. They are still teaching the process of creating a script. First draft, second draft and going through it with talent. Your first six weeks, you’re told to shut up and learn.

My first couple of writing assignments was working with the Riott Squad. The Riott Squad, they were so fucking awesome. I love Liv Morgan to death. Her and Sarah would come up to me and ask “Who are you?” because they followed me on Twitter and stuff. “I saw you on Twitter and you have so many rappers and wrestlers that follow you.”

I had so much fun with them because basically my assignment was like “alright, The Riott Squad is walking in the hallway and they are just gonna fuck shit up, so just have them fuck shit up.” I was like “Really?” and they were like “Yeah.”

Kazeem Famuyide on WrassleRap Podcast

He continued to talk about how days start around 11 a.m. and that the locker room was a lot like a family. If you haven’t heard the episode yet, be sure to check out Wrasslerap, there is so much fun information on it.

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