Priscilla Kelly Throws Up On Joey Ryan’s Penis

What happens when you take two wrestlers known to be viral sensations, and put them in a match together? You get a viral video that is sure to be deemed “controversial”.

Joey Ryan battled Priscilla Kelly in a much anticipated match that was rumored to have the ability to kill professional wrestling. Quintessential Pro put on a show in Las Vegas on March 14th. From the looks of the card, it was a very stacked show. But any other wrestler competing that night had a tall task of being the most talked about performer of the night. Especially with famous dick wrestler Joey Ryan and famous toxic shock wrestler Priscilla Kelly in the ring together.

Priscilla has been known to use used tampons, saliva and throw up as weapons against her foes. While Joey Ryan’s penis has proved to be unstoppable in the wrestling ring. Joey Ryan’s penis just paralyzed Brandon Cutler’s arms in a match the day before on top of defending against a lightsaber and chainsaw last month. Now the penis has to defend against bodily fluids, and it doesn’t even have protection!

Joey Ryan’s Dick also commented on the matter. Which still amazes me that the thing can even work the Twitter app.

Now this might be just a warm up for what’s going to happen at Penis Party when these two square off again.

Kelly has already warned Joey about the impending match as well.

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