Total Bellas: What Comes Up, Must Go Down

After the dramatic ending to episode two of Total Bellas this season, episode three started off right where episode two left off. With Nikki and John’s relationship hanging in the balance, viewers were dying to know what was going to happen next. Nikki and John’s relationship, as it turns out, would not only affect themselves but would also affect those around them as well.  Episode three completely revolved around the future of Nikki and John’s relationship as well as the aftermath of their decisions.

Tearful Goodbyes

Episode three starts off with Nikki and John on the same couch they were on at the end of the second episode. Both Nikki and John conclude together to end their engagement. With neither person willing to budge on the matter of having children, John not wanting them and Nikki wanting to be a Mom, they decide to call of the wedding before putting down money to reserve the spot for their wedding. The moment brings tears to not only Nikki and John’s eyes but viewers as well who are watching at home. It especially hits home when Nikki turns to John and says, I don’t know what I am going to do without you. John and Nikki decide that the best thing for them right now is to give each other space. John leaves Napa but not before running into Nikki’s Mom, Kathy, on the way out. Kathy is clearly as upset as both Nikki and John about the situation, hugging John goodbye and crying before making her way to Nikki’s room. While talking to her Mom, Nikki tearfully says that she feels guilty about the feelings that she is having, which her Mom immediately shuts down, saying that she and John have done the right thing.

Round Up the Bella Army

Almost right away, Nikki gets in contact with Bri to tell her what has happened. Bri instantly runs to Nikki’s side to be there for her sister while she needs her. With Mom, Nikki, and Bri all together now, Bri admits that John has been and will always be like a brother to her, she also admits that she hates the idea of John being alone. In the aftermath of the breakup, Bri decides that what Nikki is going to need more than anything right now is to be surrounded by family. She decides that her, Bryan, and Birdie are going to look for a house to move into, that would have a guest house, in San Diego by Nikki. After several viewings of several different houses, they finally find one that would be a perfect fit for them.

The Pain is RAW

To make matters worse for Nikki, RAW is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary right after her and John have decided to end things. Both John and Nikki had agreed that they would tell people at their own pace, this means for Nikki, putting on that engagement ring and a fake smile while around her co-workers and friends. Nikki does not like this, stating that she feels like she is being fake with people she cares about, she feels like she must please everyone. As if things couldn’t get harder, Nikki runs into John when she is at the taping of RAW 25. She is obviously upset that she has not heard from him really since they broke things off which is when John states that they chose to take a break from speaking to each other, and that it has not been easy on him to not text her. By the end of the conversation, John tells Nikki that when she is ready to talk, he is there for her.

Back to Being Fearless?

Towards the end of the episode, Nikki admits that as of late, she has not felt like she was fearless. In fact, she admits that she felt the opposite. She no longer felt like herself, or like Fearless Nikki. She even goes so far in the interview period to say that she didn’t feel like Nikki at all, she just felt like John’s fiancé. At the very end, Nikki does say that she feels herself slowly becoming Nikki again. I found this episode very difficult to watch. As a WWE fan and as a fan of Nikki, John, and their relationship, this episode left me in tears. At the same time however, it brought up a very important issue in relationships, losing yourself in one. When Nikki admitted that she had not felt like herself, I understood that. I believe many people in general have been there and people just don’t talk about it. Bringing this issue to the forefront of this episode made me even prouder to call Nikki Bella my idol. Through the heartbreak and the tears, it is time for Nikki Bella to push forward and what better way to do that then by participating in the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. The preview for next weeks episode showed the Bella’s preparing for the Royal Rumble and one thing is for sure, the Bella’s have big plans to take the Royal Rumble by storm!

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