R.I.P Brian Danovich- Former WWE Tough Enough Competitor

Today we tragically lost another wrestler at a tremendously young age.

Brian Danovich formerly of Tough Enough fame and more recently known for his Wrestling with Wregret fame died today at the young age of 38.

Danovich, best known in wrestling as Brian Caralucci and the Spartan Swinger first came to be known for his appearance on the Million Dollar Tough Enough that was hosted on Smackdown at that time. When he tried out for the show he tore his pectoral muscle but instead of quitting the competition made it through the tryouts into the obstacle course the next day and did all of it with a torn pec. In the end even though he did not win he made a WWE contract from John Lauranitis who saw a lot of potential but in the end he could not stay healthy and was let go.

Most recently Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret fame brought him back into the limelight with his Million Dollar Tough Enough video. In the video as a running gag Danovich made fun of himself by everytime he appeared in the video causing injuries to himself by multiple accidents. It was one of the most hilarious gags that WWW has ever done. The gag could not have been done any better but by Danovich since it was so based in reality. Most recently Danovich appeared on WWW again but in Titus O Neill’s video Zane made about O’ Neill’s misfortunes which of course reminded me of Danovich which brought him back into it to talk about his misfortunes based in reality again.

Sadly now a month ago this was the last major appearance he had and it was a fun one to remember. Rest in Peace Brian Danovich.

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