So. About Wrestlemania 40.

Well I’ll be damned. 40 years of Wrestlemania which consisted of cool sets, Undertaker’s streak and the greatest technical wrestling match of all time that involved two legends. Of course, I’m referring to Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania 27. 

It’s unbelievable that for as long as I can remember, Wrestlemania has always had a build that’s about as mediocre as eating a steak at Applebee’s (come to think about it, I’d rather eat that dry ass steak than watch Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar do a tug a war with the WWE championship). 

So, it brings me joy to say that Wrestlemania 40’s build ruled harder than listening to the intro of Logic’s “Under Pressure”. With that being said, can I say the same thing about the show itself? 

The answer is yes if you only watched certain matches and moments. 

The reason why I say that is because Wrestlemania 40 was a good show but unfortunately, not a great show (the ending though was chef’s kiss).

Let’s talk about the card, shall we? 

  • Mami’s on top once again defeating Becky Lynch in a solid opener: I’m just saying, Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley at Wrestlemania next year where this time, Belair is a heel is just money. More money than that POS Jeff Bezos. 
  • R-Truth finally got a Wrestlemania moment as he won a tag team title for the second time this time with The Miz (and Austin Theory as well as Grayson Waller grabbed the blue tag belts. Cool): You gotta give him credit, R Truth when he thought it was a traditional tag match, respected tag team rules more than The Rock and Roman Reigns. 
  • Rey defeats his son again (along with Santos Escobar) this time with his tag partner in Andrade: It was okay, I guess.
  • YEET or NO YEET? The answer is YEET because Jey YEETED his brother Jimmy Uso: The only positive I have for this is that it’s definitely a match. 
  • Sami Zayn won the intercontinental title by slaying the Austrian chopper, Gunther two days before Eid Al Fitr: Alhamdulillah.  
  • 3 women representing black excellence got the power by defeating the women that controlled the stage for almost 2 years, Damage CTRL: Jade Cargill being in a company where presentation trumps above all else is a genius move and she’ll do wonders. Happy for her. 
  • The final boss nailed the smackdown on the star of Arrow (Cody Rhodes) as well as the hit classic starring Wesley Snipes, Armed Response (Seth Rollins): You know? I completely understand when The Rock said he hates the word “woke” or whatever because the entire bout put me to sleep. I will say, due to the main event, it gave me a 9 hour sleep after the show so thumbs up. 
  • Speaking of the star of Armed Response, he lost the world title to Drew McIntyre only for McIntyre to lose it via a cash in by Damian Priest because of CM Punk: This ain’t the last time someone faced CM Punk and lost a match because of it. 
  • The Profits of Street along with Bob Lashley made their testament towards Karrion Kross and Author of Pain final: Snoop Dogg is the greatest commentator of all time. 
  • AJ Styles didn’t want none as he lost to LA Knight: This match was really good, YEAH. 
  • Bark, Bark. Logan Paul is still US champion defeating Kevin Owens and Randall Keith Orton: IShowSpeed be like, “Raindy Ortin”. 
  • Ding Dong, hello? We got ourselves a new WWE women’s champion: Match of the second night. 
  • Crowd is here, about to blow, Waitin’ for me to start the show, Out the curtain, lights go up, I’m home (WHOA)!: Grandson of a plumber, one half of The Legacy, Dashing, Undashing, Dashing again, Stardust, civil right leader and now undisputed universal champion. Man, I’ve wanted to say that for so long and now I have. 

Well, that was long. See you next year!