The Potential of STARDOM In The US

STARDOM without a doubt has the best women’s wrestling in the world. The popularity of the promotion has increased tremendously these last few years. The next logical step for STARDOM is to expand to the US and western audiences.

Western fans are craving for good women’s wrestling and STARDOM can deliver on that department almost better than anyone. Another thing to their favor is their roster and how likeable it is, there’s a wrestler out there in STARDOM for every type of fan.

Rumors about AEW and STARDOM working together have intensify these last few months and things look positive. STARDOM reaching new fans with the AEW platform would be a game changer for them and their ideas of an expansion. STARDOM has seen the rise in popularity by TJPW since they’ve started working with AEW. Let’s not even mention the great business AEW and NJPW did with Forbidden Door recently.

With the borders opening up, STARDOM talent appearing on wrestling show in the US is a possibility now. Wrestlers with huge following like Tam Nakano or Giulia wrestling in the US would be amazing. Another possibility would be a Forbidden Door-esque show between AEW and STARDOM.

This expansion would also benefit women’s wrestling in the US and rise the bar of quality. Something that has been missing for a very long time.

The future of STARDOM is very bright and the possibilities are endless for them.