Nash Carter Reportedly Not Released Over Abuse Allegations

It was reported on Wednesday that one half of the current WWE NXT Tag Team Champions, Nash Carter had been released from the company. This came just days capturing the titles at NXT Stand & Deliver.

The release came in the wake of allegations of abuse from his wife Kimber Lee, but it now appears as though it wasn’t the allegations that was the cause of Carter’s WWE release.

On the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer talked about Nash Carter’s WWE release after winning the NXT Tag Team Titles this past weekend. It was stated that Carter was not fired over the abuse allegations, instead the reason for his WWE release was said to be due to the picture that surfaced of Carter looking like Hitler.

It was also mentioned that there were rumblings about Carter’s potential release well over a week ago, but that WWE still decided to go ahead and put the Tag Titles on him and his partner Wes Lee.

Also, came out today that Nash Carter who is one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions has been fired and obviously there were lot of allegations of abuse and there was a picture that surfaced of him dressed as Hitler and I think the most amazing thing about it to me is that there were rumblings about this well over a week ago, to the point where he did a job on NXT last week. I thought, well, it’s probably gonna be the end of him. And then Saturday came, and they won the Tag Team Titles. And now here we are and he’s been fired.

This is a really weird situation because he was fired for the Hitler picture. So this is, you know, because of the other allegations, is not what he was fired for.

Wes Lee’s wife, who has recently started a twitter account under the handle Queen E. Marie, has launched an online campaign attempting to seek justice for Nash Carter. She claims that Kimber Lee is actually the one who is the abuser. In addition, has stated that Kimber Lee has framed Carter, and that she is unfairly punishing him after being served divorce papers last week.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.

(h/t Ringside News for the transcription.)

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