Gable Steveson Discusses Issues With Keeping His Name In WWE

Gable Steveson gained notoriety during his time in last year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. He secured a gold medal in wrestling in the 125 kg weight class. Not long after news began to surface that he was on WWE’s radar.

After months of rumors and speculation, it was finally announced that Steveson had, in fact, signed with the company and would be debuting some time after he had completed his time with the University of Minnesota wrestling team.

During a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Gable Steveson talked about joining WWE now that his amateur wrestling career is done. Steveson revealed that he will use his real name in WWE. He would also address the issue of sharing his name with WWE Superstar Chad Gable.

“I’ll be just Gable. Gable Steveson. We’re gonna have to have a talk with him. I mean, I don’t when I’m gonna even talk to him. It could be WrestleMania, it could be somewhere else. I’m just not sure. You can’t (have two Gables). You can’t but right now we do. So there might have to be a little switcharoo. I don’t know, but I love Chad too. He’s a cool dude.”

Gable Steveson has recently hinted that he could be making his debut at this year’s upcoming WrestleMania. This also isn’t the only time that Chad Gable’s name has come up as an issue, seeing as just a few years ago he was christened Shorty G.

Below is the full episode of The MMA Hour.

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