Will WWE Ever Be Good Again?

There’s no doubt that WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world despite claiming they’re a sPoRTs EnTeRtAiNmEnT company. Despite that, WWE is far from being the best promotion in the world in terms of quality and it’s been a long time since WWE was ever considered good, but can WWE be good again?

The obvious and right answer would be Vince McMahon stepping down as booker of WWE and there’s a good chance Vince will only leave the position of booker nwheb he dies. The future of WWE doesn’t seem that interesting, WWE is not pushing young wrestlers and are reliant on the stars of the past to be the draws, with the exception of Roman Reigns. There’s a also the fact that currently there’s no heir apparent to Vince’s job as booker, despite Levesque having the position for a few years.

WWE is more than ever disconnected with their fans and wrestling fans in general. This is one of the major reasons WWE is just terrible. They don’t listen to their fans and probably never will again. They only do it on extreme cases when they have no other choice, like we saw with Danielson and Lynch these last few years.

A big aspect of the disconnect between fans and WWE, is the Hollywood writers they hire. Some of these writers are not even wrestling fans but it’s not their fault completely, goes all the way back to Vince as booker.

Another aspect about WWE is that they answer to sponsors (for TV) and shareholders. They care more about their opinion than what fans think, but to be fair, that is common with most corporations.

WWE doesn’t really care about quality, they only care about delivering the content they are paid for and what WWE really are is a content factory. What’s troubling is that this is future not only for WWE but of entertainment too. Just content factories.

Going back to the original question, Will WWE ever be good again? It’s not possible, they only care about their massive deals. They’re doing their best business numbers ever and on a business standpoint, it makes no sense to change anything when you’re in massive deals and doing record profits almost every quarter.

At the end of the day, WWE has become too big to care about fans opinions and they don’t need to. WWE will never reach the quality some fans want the biggest promotion to hit. One thing is for sure, one day this will bite WWE in the ass and they’ll regret these decisions.