The Ascension of MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman or MJF, is without a doubt AEW’s biggest young prospect. Since day one, AEW has presented MJF as one of their future biggest stars and last week with the formation of his own unit, MJF had his elevation moment. Last week’s beatdown of the Inner Circle was MJF’s move to the next big stage.

Since day one of AEW, the promotion has had big hopes for MJF and there’s no doubt that Tony Khan sees MJF as the wrestler that one day will take the mantle as ace of the promotion. Time and time again, MJF has proven to be one of the most entertaining young prospects of all wrestling and AEW had been able to use his abilities to their advantage. From a musical to the manipulation of the Inner Circle. MJF’s range is amazing and it’s what all bookers wants from a young wrestler.

Last week’s segment with MJF, FTR, Wardlow, Spears and Tully was a wonderful execution of months and months of build up. That moment was AEW giving MJF the ball and trusting him with the next big heel faction in the promotion. MJF is no longer the future, he is the present of AEW.

This new unit has a lot of potential, like an old school call back. All these guys fit so well and MJF being the leader makes perfect sense.

The next step for MJF has to be a career rival in the promotion and AEW has hinted at the idea of Jungle Boy being that rival for MJF. Both have chemistry with each other every time they share the ring.

2021 also looks to be the year MJF will carry some gold in AEW, not the AEW championship that’s too soon for him, but the TNT championship would be in great hands with MJF one day.

The future is now and his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman.