Bruce Prichard Discusses Infamous Incest Angle Vince McMahon Pitched Involving Stephanie

One of the most controversial “what if?” storylines of all time in the WWE was one that never saw the light of day. The story of how Vince McMahon once pitched an incest angle for his daughter Stephanie was quickly shut down by Stephanie herself, only for Vince to pitch Shane as the father. It’s a story WWE has tried to sweep under the rug, but it remains out there that many long time fans of the company may remember.

Now, it seems, the narrative is being changed.

Bruce Prichard had a chance to talk about this on his Something To Wrestle With podcast, where Prichard tried to shift the idea of it. A story that has long been told that Vince did indeed try to pitch this as a firm idea had Prichard change it to less of a serious pitch and more of an actual “what if?”

”He did not want to run an incest angle, he asked a question one time – what if he was the father? That’s it. This is coming from people who never had a creative bone in their body.”

Prichard’s co-host Conrad Thompson asked Prichard if Shane McMahon had been seriously suggested to be the father of Triple H and Stephanie’s baby, and Prichard threw cold water on that rumor as well. “It just didn’t happen because if it did happen, it’d be a joke,” was his reply.

Vince McMahon is no stranger to incest angles. Paul Burchill and his “sister” Katie Lea were supposed to have an incest gimmick though it was scrapped as the company went to PG storylines shortly after their debut. Even Ken Shamrock discussed him declining an incest angle with the woman who was supposed to be his sister. Vince may never see one of those angles on WWE television, but it seems like that may not deter him from pitching them.

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