Recent AEW Dark Talent Draws Heat From Big Swole For Racist Tweet

Twitter may not always the best place to say something, but a person’s reaction to how people respond can often show someone’s potential true colors. And when what you have to say deeply offends a co-worker, you may have a problem in the world of professional wrestling.

Recent AEW Dark Star Madi Wrenkowski deleted a tweet that many people viewed as racist. Wrenknowski, who has a long ponytail similar to WWE star Bianca Belair, replied to a fan that was comparing the two with a tweet “Except mines real” and included a reaction gif that seemed to give her an air of superiority over Belair’s hair. This didn’t sit well with AEW star Big Swole, who wasn’t afraid to clap back at the young talent.

Swole called out Wrenkowski for her comment, who tried to defend her comment and while trying to defend the tweet as not being racist, Swole pointed out the reasons why there were racist connotations behind her tweet intentional or not. Wrenkowski certainly didn’t seem to be a fan of the criticism, as when fans tried to explain the problem, she was quick to block them.

Swole certainly didn’t have time for her attitude, and given the nature of the AEW locker room, it’s entirely possible Wrenkowski may have found herself on the outs and potentially losing what could have been a big break for her.

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