Smackdown 7/17: Extreme Rules Go-Home Show Live Coverage

T.G.I.F. Indeed! With WWE Smackdown coming to us live from The WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, The WWE Universe is set to venture out on what should be a wild ride. It’s the Go-Home Show for Extreme Rules and it is happening tonight on FOX.

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Big E v. Cesaro: Winner chooses Match Stipulation at Extreme Rules

It didn’t take long to kick things off in Orlando as The Swiss Cyborg squared off against The New Day’s Big E with more than bragging rights on the line. The winner would also give his team a huge advantage heading into The Horror Show Extreme Rules this Sunday. The match opened in wild fashion but as the dust settled, it was Big E firmly in the driver’s seat; delivering a thunderous apron splash onto Cesaro. But Ultimately, it was the Swiss Cyborg securing the pinfall and the advantage for his team heading into this Sunday’s Extreme Rules.

It’s no secret that Cesaro and Nakamura have had the upper hand in this rivalry. Will we see new tag champions crowned at Extreme Rules or will The New Day defy the odds and defeat Nakamura and Cesaro?

Baley & Sasha Banks v. Asuka & Nikki Cross

It didn’t take long for this episode of “Moment of Bliss” to explode into a tag match, thanks to the loud-mouthed, arrogance of Baley and Banks. As the Women’s tag champs dominated the majority of this match and Baley secured a less than squeaky clean pinfall, I found myself conceding to the idea that we could see every Women’s Title draped around Banks and Baley after Sunday night… and I am okay with this.

Braun Strowman v. John Morrison

If there is a chink in the armor of The Monster Among Men, we are seeing it being ripped open as the mind games of Bray Wyatt continue. Prior to the Universal Champion’s match, the WWE Universe watched as Smackdown’s most terrifying jester spun a rather interesting origin story of The Monster Among Men. As Braun entered the ring, we certainly saw a side of Braun never seen before. Braun understands what’s at stake this Sunday. He knows that he must not only defeat Wyatt in the swamps but he must eliminate Wyatt completely in hopes that, “He” won’t make his return to the WWE ring.

Oh, and Strowman defeated Morrison. It was not pretty..

Lacey Evans v. Naomi

This was about all of the offense mustered in this one. Evans with the win on what is the 5th anniversary of the Women’s Evolution of WWE.

Matt Riddle v. AJ Styles: Intercontinental Championship

At face value, this is a match that belongs on a Network Exclusive or Pay Per View. After watching this match, this could have opened Wrestlemania and had the fans on their feet! In one corner, you have arguably one of the best in the game today squaring off against one of the most impressive newcomers to the main roster and both were looking to shine. As Riddle dominated the early part of the match, it seemed as if Styles just couldn’t get his feet under him. But the Face that runs the place kept his poise and brought the match back to an even keel.

As the two men began to fight with reckless abandon, the chain-wrestling, counters and in-ring IQ took over, and during an attempt at his submission, The Bromission failed Riddle as Styles rolled him up for the 1…2…3. Despite feeling the sting of a roll-up loss, Matt Riddle put on a show against Styles and Styles gave it all back to Riddle. I hope to see these guys carry over into Summerslam with one more chance to leave everything on the mat.

Well I was hoping for this. Until Corbin showed up…

Overall, tonight covered all of its bases as it prepared the WWE Universe for Sunday night’s festivities. Let’s get ready for The Horror Show!

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