Exclusive: Cyrus Discusses The AJPW Champion Carnival 2024 Tournament, His Rival Kento Miyahara And More

The All Japan Pro-Wrestling Champion Carnival 2024 tournament is in full swing with four nights of action currently in the books. One of the participants, The Monster Cyrus, is competing in his second AJPW Champion Carnival. Cyrus has been enjoying a rapid rise in popularity amongst the AJPW fans and caused quite a stir when he attacked Kento Miyahara at the tournament opening ceremonies. It was made known at the opening ceremonies as well as the Champion Carnival 2024 press conference that Cyrus is targeting Miyahara in this tournament.

Cyrus granted an exclusive interview following his Night 4 victory over Ren Ayabe. Cyrus discussed the Champion Carnival 2024 as well as other topics.

Here is the exclusive interview with Cyrus:

Q: How does it feel being back in AJPW competing in another Champion Carnival tournament?

Cyrus: It’s an amazing feeling to be part of the prestigious tournament for the 2nd time.

Q: After losing to Kuroshio Tokyo Japan, how crucial was it to get that victory over Ren Ayabe in your second tournament match?

Cyrus: I feel that it was very important to make an impact after losing the first match.

Q: Was the Kuroshio Tokyo Japan victory over you a fluke win in your opinion? 

Cyrus: Yeah, I mean I beat his ass all over the stadium and let my guard down. And when you get cocky crap goes wrong.

Q: At the press conference you got face to face with Kento Miyahara, at the opening ceremonies you attacked him. What is it about Miyahara that drives your anger towards him?

Cyrus: He is the best of the best and in my opinion, one of the best wrestlers in the world. So I feel it’s important to go after the best.

Q: Your next tournament match is against Miyahara. Should the fans expect an all out war in that encounter and do you feel it’s a must win for you?

Cyrus: This will be an all out war due to the fact he and I have a lot to lose in this match.

Q: In addition to Miyahara, you still have tournament matches with Shotaro Ashino, Hokuto Omori, Yuma Aoyagi & Davey Boy Smith Jr. , how will you approach these matches and do you feel confident that you will be victorious against these tough opponents.

Cyrus: I feel that anytime you are in a tournament and facing this caliber of professional wrestlers that you have to be confident in knowing that you can beat them. It’s a chess game of finding the weaknesses and putting the right pieces into play to be victorious.

Q: Is winning the Triple Crown championship your ultimate goal and your thoughts on Yuma Anzai as the current champion.

Cyrus: Yes it’s my only goal. I believe I belong in AJPW and that title is one of, if not the best, title to hold in the world. Anzai is strong and a good fighter. I feel that his skill is great.

Q: Any new developments in your quest to become an official member of the AJPW roster?

Cyrus: No, nothing yet.

Q: Will we see the moonsault at some point during the tournament?

Cyrus: Maybe it depends how far I make it in the tournament. That’s a special move for a special time.

The next Champion Carnival 2024 tournament match for Cyrus will be April 27th as he faces Kento Miyahara in Block A action.

All Champion Carnival 2024 and AJPW events can be viewed on AJPW TV subscription streaming service.

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