THAT was Impact’s debut on AXS?

It is the start of the new television season and with it, a lot of changes all around with NXT being broadcast on the USA Network, AEW airing a show in TNT, and a lot of other things. Most of them were good to a degree but one that I remember being the worse of the week and a loser of all the different wrestling shows airing on TV was Impact’s debut of the AXS Network.

Instead of airing new programing to welcome itself to the new Network, Impact aired a pay per view event from January. Huh? Worse yet was a bunch of the names featured on the debut of Impact on AXS that don’t wrestle there anymore. What is even more bizarre adding to this is them putting a big spotlight right on Johnny Mundo. Mundo (or whatever name he is going by this week) opened the show with a long drawn out speech about how cool Impact was and all that, literally days before it had made the rounds that he had signed a new deal with the WWE. After an opening that looks really stupid now, he main events that show by defending the Impact World Title against Brian Cage.

For those keeping track, Impact wrestling debuted on AXS with a match where their current World Champion Brian Cage lost to Johnny Impact who will be seen on the WWE. Yup, that looked really great guys. Even if fans were not aware of Johnny Impact’s WWE venture, it still looks really lame that the companies current World Champion was spotlighted in an old match where he loses to a guy you probably won’t see in Impact Wrestling when they actually start producing original content for AXS.

I stopped watching Impact wrestling back when there was the lawsuit over Dixie’s issues and how much money they owed everyone. That was when Anthem bought them out and they were brought to trial over issues with Billy Corgan. The wrestling shows at the time had the announcer fighting each other and talking about how good TNA once was and it would be that way again now that they had new owners. It wasn’t. Watching this presently doesn’t give me an urge to watch this crap again. Dixie and Billy Corgan may not be around anymore, but Dixie doesn’t seem to be the only problem considering they are still pulling stupid stuff like it presently.

Out of all the new shows that are debuting this season, Impact pulled the same stuff it always does. Looks like I won’t be watching much of that in the future.