#cancelwwenetwork Trends For Over 12 Hours After Fan Backlash Over Finish Of Hell In A Cell

If you watched Hell in a Cell last night on the WWE Network, you may have shut the show off feeling angry, underwhelmed, disappointed, sad or any negative feeling you can think of.

The main event featured Seth Rollins defending his Universal Championship against The Fiend, in The Fiends second match. The usual fan favorite Seth Rollins was voraciously booed during the match while the villain The Fiend was cheered. The ring was lit with red lighting to go along with the red cell structure. Seth Rollins hit close to a dozen finishing maneuvers that couldn’t put The Fiend away, which resulted in Seth using a sledgehammer on The Fiend’s head. Granted The Fiend was covered in a ladder, chair and toolbox, but the referee warned Seth not to do it. After Seth used the sledgehammer, the referee called for the bell, confusing the crowd as to whether it was a disqualification or no contest.

The crowd was angrier than before and booed non stop as the show went off the air, even after The Fiend got up from the attack and left Seth laying. It was a disaster from all standpoints except talent involved.

If you had closed captioning on, this is what you saw. If you went on social media, many videos were shown of the fans discontent.


Outside of the arena fans were so upset they were ruining purchased merchandise.

Then #cancelwwenetwork started trending.

Even though WWE had a poll up before the show asking what fans would think the finish would be, adding a disqualification option even though Hell in a Cell matches are traditionally no disqualification.

With the majority of votes showing that the fans thought it’d be a disqualification, the crowd was still livid after the prediction rang true.

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