MLW Fusion Recap Episode 71: LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc – NYC Street Fight

Last week on MLW Fusion: Bestia 666 defeated Rey Horus in a very basic match. Contra Unit won a match in like one move. Alexander Hammerstone beat Savio Vega after legit injuring him after hitting his finisher.

Cold Open

Mancer opens the show saying he is gonna get drunk and beat up Rickey Martinez, then use a chainsaw.

Ricky Martinez vs. Mance Warner

  • While Mancer was trying to get into the ring, Ricky kicked the ropes and hit Mancer in the crotch. Mancer was at a disadvantage for a couple of moves but then started fighting back.
  • This is a very fast paced brawl until the first pin attempt.
  • The storyline is that Mancer wants to beat all of Salina’s crew and Ricky has lost so much that Salina is thinking about kicking him out of her group.
  • Mancer out of no where did his knee pad up/knee pad down knee to the face then hit a lariat for the win.

And I’m Like… I have watched every episode of MLW and the one off shows before them. I am honestly struggling in trying to remember an actual great match outside of War Games. MLW has this crazy ability to take talented wrestlers and have them have the most mediocre matches and segments.

Richard Holliday was cutting a promo in his hotel room but then just decided to have sex instead..

We see a replay of Savio Vega getting legit injured. Then Marshall Von Erich getting mist in his eyes and “blinding him” in time for his wife to have their first child.

Marshall cuts a promo from home. He says that his vision is impaired and he said “it will take a whole lot more than red mist to take me out of the game”. Marshall said he is bringing his dad Kevin Von Erich to the War Chamber match.

Konnan shows up to interrupt Salina De La Renta’s interview time to continue to push the revenge porn angle and then threaten to use her credit card to buy stuff. Because he is the good guy. This might be the dumbest angle I’ve seen all year in wrestling.

Now a promo of Teddy Harts smoking a blunt and drinking booze in a bathroom. He’s hanging out with his cats by a toilet. Pillman Jr. shows up in the bathroom with Hammerstone’s read jacket. I have no idea what this show is even doing anymore. Pillman pees on Hammerstone’s jacket….

Ace Austin vs. Austin Aries

  • As this match starts, I am seriously contemplating giving up on MLW. I don’t feel invested in any person on this program. Outside of the commentary team I really have to try to find something to like. The crowd is rarely hot for anything anymore. I really don’t understand what happened.
  • Aries and Ace are doing a feeling out process. Aries is on a mission to win the Middleweight championship.
  • These two are wrestling, the crowd isn’t reacting and there is like no heat to this match. There is no build up, no storyline. Neither guy has a character or any real motivation. I don’t know who the heel is or who the face is.
  • I’m pretty sure this match has depleted all my good will. Like, I love wresting, I watch it every day. I always find something to enjoy. I consider myself optimistic on most aspects of what encompasses wrestling. But, MLW legit makes me angry. It’s not good enough to enjoy and it’s not bad enough to laugh at. They take themselves so seriously and a the same time have some of the most ridiculous segments.
  • Austin Aries won and the camera panned to a super excited fan holding up a signed Ace Austin card. MLW in a nutshell.

And I’m Like… Whatever.

More promos happen. Hammerstone, who is supposedly wealthy, gets mad that his jacket was pee’d on. Even though he could presumably buy a new wardrobe. The only reason I’m sticking around is because of Jimmy Havoc.

Street Fight

Jimmy Havoc vs. LA Park

  • So these two are wrestling because Salina De La Renta had her phone stolen by Konnan. Konnan has threatened revenge porn, for him to not show videos Salina needed to book two of the people in her group against each other. So this street fight is between two “friends” that don’t really want to fight each other, but they are acting like they do want to fight. Tell me why I should be invested in this at all. Why should these dues even fight each other? Why not just pin one another and be done with it? Ugh.
  • Yeah, sorry everyone, but I’m done with MLW.