Mike Quackenbush Talks Character Creation, Attitude Era and time at WWE Performance Center

In an interview on Unscripted by @Omega_Luke and @Wilfamura on Brainbusta Radio, Mike Quackenbush, founder of Chikara Pro Wrestling discussed several topics such as Attitude Era, character creation and his time at WWE Performance Center. 

When asked about the thought of considering how sex sells when creating a new character for Chikara, Mike reveals his influence and comments on Attitude Era.

“I grew up on the New Generation of WWF. When it becomes the Attitude Era, I’m thoroughly disinterested. It just seems cheap and dull. It is over romanticized by Vince McMahon and Triple H. If you look at when they were at their zenith and ask them when they were most influential, both might say during Attitude Era. Because they produce the history books, that has contributed to the over romanticization of the Attitude Era that I think is a bit undue.”

When discussing season ends to wrestling, Mike talks about a character like Kane. 

“I think Kane is the perfect example of a character being finite. When looking back on Kane, that character should have been finite. Chikara has seasons with finite characters. It can be challenging to cast these wrestlers in a limited role. Some thrive in the sandbox and some have tensions within these parameters”

When asked about Twitter feuds

“I don’t see how it’s good for the business.” “There are weird ways in which we all reach out for validation. And I don’t know how much of that you need on the end of a forked tongued tweet or provocative selfie that makes you better about what you’re doing. I wish those people could find the validation or worth in their work through some other means.” 

Talking about WWE Performance Center and advice given to established talent

“I’ve been very fortunate in the times that I’ve gone down there. I think I’m the most frequently appearing guest coach in the history of WWE Performance Center, which only makes me realize how quickly I’m about to wear out my welcome”

Listen to the entire discussion beginning around minute 38:00 of Unscripted. Unscripted (@StayOffScript) can be heard every Monday on Brainbusta Radio.

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Unscripted – Mike Quackenbush Interview!