Game Changer Weekly Is Back! Our Exclusive GCW Podcast Returns Next Tuesday February 27th! is proud to announce the return of Game Changer Weekly, our GCW podcast!

Game Changer Weekly is back with new hosts John Wolfe and Brant from the GCW Plant Podcast, and will bring you in depth coverage of everything Game Changer Wrestling. The show kicks off with an all new episode next Tuesday night February 27th at roughly 11 pm EST, immediately following our NXT Post Show coverage – The Meta Two Aftershow on the Bodyslam YouTube and Twitch channels.

Allow us to introduce you to the newest members of the family John Wolfe and Brant, the hosts of Game Changer Weekly.

John Wolfe brings almost 40 years of wrestling knowledge to the table. His childhood was the Golden Era of the 80’s with WWF, NWA, WCW & GLOW. His teen years were the 90’s Attitude/Hardcore Era with WWF, WCW & ECW. In the 2000’s and onward he added CZW, Mid-South, PWG, ROH, TNA and Game Changer Wrestling to his regular watch list.

John supports GCW because he believes in its performers and the collective product as a whole. This podcast is his way to bring awareness of the product to new fans and foster a sense of community amongst current fans by providing them with GCW-related content and entertainment.

Brant is also a lifelong wrestling fan. From elbow dropping his Macho Man wrestling buddy to now covering the Last Outlaws of Game Changer Wrestling. His first GCW show was Draft Day in Las Vegas and that night it reinvigorated and reinforced his love for wrestling, and his belief that wrestling is for everyone. Since that fateful night dodging taxis on Fremont Street as Mox and Gage fought up and down the Las Vegas Strip, he has tried to bring GCW to the wrestling forefront and spreading the GCW love through GCW Plant Podcast which he started with my co-host John.

“I was actually inspired to start the podcast because of Game Changer Weekly and I wanted to be another voice for GCW. Now to be able to restart Game Changer Weekly on is truly an honor and surreal moment. Can’t wait to review the shows with you all and hear all the Plant voices as well. Long. Live. GCW.”

– Brant

You can catch’s Game Changer Weekly LIVE every Tuesday night 11 pm ish, immediately following the NXT Post Show – The Meta-Two Aftershow, on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on your favorite platform so you don’t miss any of our post shows, podcasts, and webseries!

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