205 Live Recap: Episode 136

Last Week on 205 Live: Jack Gallagher defeated Mike Kanellis, which lead to Mike “quitting” then he showed up on Raw and was emasculated by his wife, tapped out to Becky Lynch and then was told Maria is pregnant but next time she wants Becky to impregnate her. Humberto Carrillo won his showcase match. Akira Tozawa lost to Tony Nese while all week hinting that he was “done” with WWE, turns out he is just really grateful for the last three years of his time in WWE.

Cold Open

Tony Nese talks to his team of Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan. Tony Nese has very little to no charisma when he talks. It especially shows when Jack and Oney talk. Its Nese Gallagher and Lorcan vs. Daivari, Kanellis and Gulak.

Singh Brothers vs. Lucha House Party

  • Lucha House Party come out, they are upset because their pinata was destroyed. Even though all three wrestlers come out with pinata’s. On an uplifting not, Kalisto granted his first make a wish.
  • Singh Brothers have a banger of an entrance song, and the most annoying entrance. I love to hate these two. If they were babyfaces, I would absolutely cringe and be so embarrassed for them. They are heels though.
  • Aiden English is upset that The Rock will respond to The Singh’s and not himself.
  • This is a tornado match and the LHP are in their element. Then we are reminded that the Singh Brother’s used to call themselves The Bollywood Boys and were a very formidable tag team before they became ego driven.
  • Gran Metalik is on the top rope, but Sunil pulls Metalik’s leg and Metalik lands on his inner thigh/groin instead of just his dick.
  • Singh Brothers are dominating the match now, Kalisto is trying to talk trash as a manager, but he can’t say much because The Singh Brothers are having their way with the LHP.
  • Nigel McGuinness says “Kalisto trains in his gear. Sometimes you don’t need a punchline.” Which cracked me up.
  • There isn’t much in the way of storytelling in this match. It’s a typical tag match but with no hot tags. So just a back and forth match where each guy/team gets their chance to shine for a few minutes at a time.
  • The crowd is starting to react more and more though. That’s one thing that I love about 205 Live recently. The crowd is actually invested.
  • Sumir Singh tries to use his Boscar trophy as a weapon but Kalisto gets involved long enough for the Singh Brother’s to get hit with simultaneous a 450 splash and elbow drop

And I’m Like… I’ve discovered that I don’t enjoy the Lucha House Party at all. The crowd loved it though so it was still enjoyable on that front. That’s one thing that’s great about 205. When the action in the ring isn’t doing it for me, which is a rarity, the commentary and crowd still make it entertaining.

We get a vignette showcase on Humberto Carrillo. I was lucky enough to see him live at an NXT show in St. Paul and man, his wrestling won the crowd over. You know if his English was impeccable, Vince would have already pushed him. Tremendous talent.

Mike Kanellis cuts a promo about what happened on Raw. He is very upset with himself about what happened. Kanellis says the rift between him and Maria is Drake Maverick’s fault. So Maria blames Mike for her problems and Mike blames Maverick. This took an interesting turn. It’s crazy that Maria is actually pregnant and this kid will forever know that the birth announcement was on Raw when Mom said she wanted to fuck Becky Lynch because Dad wasn’t man enough. Not too many kids can say that.

Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari and Mike Kanellis vs. Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan

  • Mike walks out alone and without his entrance coat of his family on it. Poor guy.
  • Drew Gulak got a new Titantron name video. It’s black and red now. That’s cause he is serious now. Drew’s music always sounded like the part in the movie where the hero saves the day to me. It’s fitting because Drew is saving 205 Live.
  • Nese and Gulak start the match off against each other. Nigel calls Drew a “sadistic savant”.
  • Gulak tags in Kanellis before he and Nese lock horns. We cut to the back where Maria is watching the match from the back. It’s nice to know that deep down, she still cares.
  • The match starts and there is almost 20 minutes left in the show. Buckle in because this will be a long ride.
  • Jack Gallagher tags in and is in his sweet baby blues, but this time he has some sort of wrap on his thighs. All the babyfaces have had one memorable move and then a tag. Oney tags in and has a chop battle with Mike Kanellis. Within 10 chops from each guy, chests are red as hell.
  • As Oney Lorcan starts getting worked over, the commentary team talk about Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley.
  • Tony Nese gets a sort of hot tag but the crowd is dead quiet. You hate to see it.
  • An amazing spot happens where Tony Nese tries for a springboard move but Gulak just shoves Tony in mid-bounce and Nese flies to the floor.
  • The match has slowed down a bit and Tony Nese is the poor soul that is getting the shit kicked out of him. Nese keeps crawling for the tag instead of fighting back. You have to think that when the tag option is available, it’s more distracting, making Tony not focus on wrestling his opponent. Nese is more focused on tagging out, which leaves him more susceptible to getting beat up.
  • The heat portion of this match seems to go on FOREVER. Nese has just been destroyed. As Tony crawls to tag, Drew stops to decide if he should tag or stop Tony. Drew decides to tag and that lets Nese tag out too.
  • The crowd is non existent for their reaction to the hot tag. Once Lorcan and Gallagher get some offense in, the crowd starts chirping a bit.
  • Dudes just start jumping on dudes, but the Tony Nese part of the match really killed the crowd. When it’s one-on-one, Tony can get the crowd behind him, but when it’s a tag, no one cares about him.
  • The biggest pop of the night comes from Gallagher diving onto all the wrestlers with his umbrella. That’s how you know Jack is a fan favorite, when he uses his umbrella.
  • Daivari and Lorcan end up brawling to the backstage area so there are four dudes left in the match. Kanellis blind tags in and Nese and Gallagher thought Drew was legal. Mike tries to be opportunistic but he just can’t put Nese away.
  • Tony Nese hits a sunset driver and gets the win. No time to celebrate though because Drew Gulak attacks Tony. Oney comes back down the ramp and we have an all out brawl.
  • The show goes off the air with all men fighting, similar to MLW’s finish last week but with less intensity.

And I’m Like… This match was a lot like this episode. It just felt flat. I think it’s because the crowd was hot just for a few minutes of the whole hour. This show lives and dies off of crowd reactions and today it kinda died. Watching 205 Live is like watching a sporting event, when the crowd doesn’t react, your team doesn’t win and it is heartbreaking.

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