MLW Fusion Recap Episode 61: MJF vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Last week on MLW: The New York taping is finally over and MLW emanates from Milwaukee. Gringo Loco defeated Myron Reed after more banter between Myron and the referee. Tom Lawlor was late to the show because of hail, but then we find out it’s because he was kidnapped by Contra Unit, Contra Unit doesn’t know how to gag the people they kidnap. The storm was so bad that all the outside footage showed that the roads were dry. Hammerstone is the first ever National Openweight Champion and Teddy Hart defended his Middleweight championship against Jimmy Havoc in a “relaxed rules” match because all MLW matches have relaxed rules unless there needs to be a DQ.

Cold Open

A recap of last weeks episode. It makes the show look a lot better than it actually was. Then we cut to Hammerstone working out while a blonde girl holds his new championship belt. The National championship is the nicest looking belt in the company. Hammerstone kind of puts Holliday and MJF under the bus.

They also show a recap of the horrible kidnapping. It’s a pretape and there is no reason to have it come across as bad as it did.

Kotto Brazil vs. Richard Holliday w/ Ariya Blake

  • In a bit of continuity, Ariya Blake is back. She debuted with Joey Janela almost a year ago for MLW, then MJF won her over and made her classy. She then disappeared without explanation, now is back without explanation.
  • Kotto still is wearing an eye patch from his previous feud, but then took it off to start the match. So I am confused, I think the eye patch is just entrance gear now. Either way Kotto Brazil can fucking go!
  • Holliday is the aggressor and way too full of himself. Kotto is fighting back with a lot of spirit but seems to be over matched.
  • Brazil hits a pretty sweet single leg dropkick and is just full of fire. Kotto is a natural babyface and I love watching him wrestle so much.
  • Holliday catches Kotto with a boot and hits a gutwrench powerbomb for the win. After the pinfall Richard doesn’t really regiser any of the offense he took.

And I’m Like… With MJF due to leave the company for AEW Exclusivity in September, Richard Holliday seems to be getting a bit of a push to be taken more seriously in the future. I really like watching Kotto apply his craft though.

Salina De La Renta is in charge next week.

Ace Austin vs. Air Wolf

  • One thing I like about MLW, is that when it comes to straight male talent, we have the same tastes. Air Wolf and Ace Austin are two dudes who I enjoyed watching before they came on MLW and thought they’d be bigger indie names. Then they both appeared on Fusion and have been used prominently.
  • This is a Middleweight division bout. Which other than weightclass really doesn’t mean anything. Low Ki weighs less than these two and was Heavyweight champion.
  • This match is fast paced and back and forth, Ace seems to have taken the heel role in the match. The wrestling on the outside makes me cringe because there is no padding and it’s right on the concrete. MLW really reminds me of Mid-South wrestling now that I think of it.
  • Air Wolf has a hard time to build sympathy when he has virtually no facial expressions due to his mask. He knows how to exude body language very well. That seems to be Air Wolf’s M.O. He is so talented that what should be very hard, and probably is, comes off looking easy.
  • Cornette says “both these guys combined ages is 41”. Then Corny surprises himself by comparing his age to their combined age.
  • These two are putting on a great wrestling match, I just wish Ace leaned into his gimmick more. He is supposed to be a magician or something but when he wrestles he is just “high flying wrestler”.
  • This match is nearing the ten minute mark and they have been going all out. Air Wolf is selling exasperation as well as rib pain. Ace Austin is breathing heavy, but still able to continue his onslaught of offense.
  • Air Wolf is able to hit some weird top roe move that looks to have fucked up Ace’s leg. I think it was supposed to be a front face bump but Ace just crumples his body instead.

And I’m Like… These two have a great chemistry and are sure to have many more matches in their young career. I’m very happy that Air Wolf is getting to shine like he should.

Salina comes on and says next week it will be Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Loser leaves MLW “forever”. I know Sami spit on Cornette during these tapings in an unscripted moment due to Corny’s comments towards Sonny Kiss. Corny basically was asking AEW to justify why Sonny is a feminine man and Sonny’s fiance took offense to it. Sami then stood up for Sonny during this taping. So maybe MLW is choosing Corny over Sami?

Jacob Fatu vs. Tom Lawlor for the next taping and Tom cuts a promo saying he is mad about the “kidnapping”.

Mancer and Sami have formed a really fun duo and it looks like the best thing going in MLW will be ending soon. These two friends are willing to fight the shit out of each other. They agree that they will be so violent that Cornette will want to quit the business.

Low Ki cuts a promo where he does his anime voice but not anime delivery. It’s a lot better than his previous work.

Contra Unit cuts a promo and I realize that Simon Gotch is barely used in this group anymore, even though he was the “leader”. I mean he is still Contra affiliated but Simon isn’t in the promo’s anymore.

MJF vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

  • MJF only has less than a dozen MLW shows left. He also brings the whole Dynasty to ringside with him. It’s a nice touch showing that Hammerstone and Holiday come out on their own and win. MJF still needs the back up. If you were facing DBS you’d want back up too.
  • DBS comes out alone. Hart Foundation seems pretty dumb here. They always come out alone and get their shit kicked usually.
  • MJF has kissed Ariya a few times during the introductions, so I don’t know who she is affiliated with, she seems to be all over MJF but hangs out with all the dudes 1-one-1. I just want to see MJF and Allie Kat together.
  • MJF is playing the heel move of powdering to the outside to buy time. Soon DBS loses his focus and MJF is able to get the advantage in the match. Which he should get because he has three people at ringside to help him.
  • I suppose DBS came out alone because if he brought out Hart Foundation, it wouldn’t be logical to have him getting beat up as much as he is in this match. Dude is the most legit wrestler in MLW and should be the top guy in any promotion he is in.
  • I mean even with a four on one disadvantage against him, he is still out wrestling MJF and hitting tombstones and top rope headbutts. DBS has been getting his leg worked on all match and can’t make the cover after the diving headbutt because of the damage it did to his knee.
  • DBS is getting upset with all the intererence so he takes out Holliay. Brian Pillman finally shows up to fight a bit, a little late, but still.
  • MJF chop blocks DBS but DBS is too strong. He takes out Hammerstone as well and almost gets rolled up but Teddy Hart comes down.
  • Why does Hart Foundation come out to help AFTER DBS takes them out?
  • A running powerslam by Smith to get the win. This match was all about DBS fighting from underneath, I don’t get what took Hart Foundation so long.
  • So Simon Gotch is backstage leaving tons of wrestlers laid out and bloody. Jacob Fatu is shown as well and Samael throws fire at the camera man.

And I’m Like… The attempt at making Contra Unit too hard to control is nice, but they aren’t even publicly signed to contracts like Hart Foundation is. I don’t get why MLW in kayfabe would put up with this. Also, where was Hart Foundation during the majority of the main event? MLW has some good wrestling but the writing is no where near logically sound. This has been the best episode in the past few months though.

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