MLW Fury Road 2019 Recap

Last week on MLW: The worst episode of MLW Fusion. No match really happened at all and Contra Unit came down and beat everyone up. The only match was the World Title match and it wasn’t that good. Also the video of Contra Unit beating up The Lucha Bros. was shown like 15 times.

Rich and Jim tell us that there is adverse weather and Tom Lawlor hasn’t even made it to the arena.

Myron Reed vs. Gringo Loco

  • So this is a live special. The champion hasn’t made it yet, and there are theme songs for the wrestlers but the sound quality for their music is very poor.
  • So the storyline is all about Myron Reed. He is being picked on by the referee’s and the ref he has problems with is reffing this match. Rich Swann is Myron’s partner but did not come out with Reed. The match usually starts with Myron being checked for weapons but his opponents are not checked. This match starts with no checks for weapons.
  • Myron shows up with red hair and has fireman inspired pants. He wants to be called the “Fireman”. While Myron is jumping over the top rope and taking Loco out, someone in the crowd yells to Myron “You get him Dennis Rodman” and Myron mocks the fan.
  • Loco is living up to his name cause him and Myron are doing some crazy gravity defying shit. I’m getting used to the way MLW matches work, where it’s really just crazy moves with a bit of selling but not much, then there is a finish. There isn’t much in terms of story telling with these twos.
  • Loco goes for a no look moonsault and lands right on Reed’s feet. There is some fan making jokes, during the slow parts of the match th crowd is just laughing.
  • The spot takes a bit of time to pull off but Gringo Loco hits a top rope Falcon Arrow and Cornette loses his shit about never seeing anything like it. Then Myron kicks out!! The crowd chants for Gringo.
  • Myron hits a cutter and a springboard 450 and only gets two. Corny says Gringo kicked out because of a sloppy cover.
  • Myron is then stopped by the ref for no reason and says “hey man what do you got”. The ref tells Myron he thinks Reed has a weapon. Then Reed just brushes the ref off, goes for a pin but uses the ropes, the ref catches the rope use. Myron loses his cool and is caught with a spinning tombstone for the loss.

And I’m Like… This is one of the weirdest storylines in wrestling. Myron Reed ended up having a weapon in his trunks, a set of “knucks” and knocks out Loco AFTER the match. Cornette says “that’s why he gets searched”. I think it would work if it was pulled off better? I don’t get it. Good match though.

Salina De La Renta says she is going to be an executive producer again during this set of tapings. She also says some shit about being surprised that Jim Cornette still has his job.

A video package about how important Da Crusher is to Milwaukee

Tom Lawlor is still not here

National Openweight Championship

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Alexander Hammerstone w/ The Dynasty

  • Hammerstone is a member of The Dynasty and Pillman is a member of The Hart Foundation. Both factions have been feuding, with grand theft, false arrests and beat downs all being involved.
  • You honestly can’t hear the music and this is so weird.
  • Hammerstone was late to arrive as well. Pillman didn’t come out with his Hart Foundation members but Hammerstone’s Dynasty walked to the ramp but then walked to the back after MJF said “If Brian’s dad was still alive he would throw up at the site of Pilman Jr.”
  • Pillman Jr. has THE MOST blonde mullet.
  • This match is more of a basic match in comparison to the first match. Pillman getting offense in early, kind of high paced and high risk. Pillman even dives and lands on the concrete on the outside. Hammerstone being beat up a bit but fires back after catching Pillman and throwing him into the guardrail.
  • The match slows down incredibly with Hammerstone working on the ribs of Pillman. Commentary talk about how there was a bidding war for Hammerstone and MLW won him. I don’t know if that’s true, if it is, WWE and AEW were not involved because most wrestlers that have been signed away from MLW have gone to those companies. I’m guessing Impact wrestling, and word is their pay is garbage and they sign you to “Exclusive Contracts”.
  • Pillman hits a superkick after Hammerstone makes fun of his dad. These guys are having a decent match but the timing seems a bit off during the match. Pillman misses a top rope senton.
  • Hammerstone hits a “Nightmare Pendulum” out of nowhere and wins the match among a shower of boo’s because the music audio sucks.

And I’m Like… Hammerstone is the new champion, but like I don’t really put much behind it because Hart Foundation have the Tag and Middleweight championships and they get defended about four times a year. So being a champion means you wrestle the same amount as everyone else and your defenses are few and far between.

Apparently Tom Lawlor is late because of a hail storm. Then there is a tape of Contra Unit kidnapping Tom Lawlor? Tom is kidnapped outside of a hotel where the ground is dry….. Then Tom wakes up with his mouth taped up but he is biting on the tape and the tape isn’t even attached to his mouth!!!! Then Josef Samael cuts Tom Lawlor’s hair. So there was no hail, then Tom’s gag fell off so Tom had to keep it on himself while his hair got cut. Then Cornette and Rich obviously didn’t know what the video was. They bring up the kidnapping but not the hair cutting. You can tell they don’t really know what to talk about. THAT WAS SO STUPID!! Like holy shit!!! hahahaha, fucking MLW man. Cornette is apologizing for the level of violence we witnessed, which was honestly like 8 punches to the stomach… We saw more violence in the last match! I can not believe how horrible that whole thing was.

MLW Middleweight Championship

Jimmy Havoc vs. Teddy Hart (c)

  • “Ladies and Gentlemen. THE TIME IS NOW, IT IS NOW TIME FOR YOU MAIN EVENT”. Is quite a catchphrase for the ring announcer.
  • Havoc comes out with a chair, even though it’s not NO DQ. But in MLW, there are no rules, unless there are rules. It’s weird how they do that shit. Hart Foundation’s music is different than usual too. The sound guy is terrible because Teddy’s music stops and then hs new music starts? I don’t know, this is really bad you guys.
  • Teddy comes out with a chair too.
  • We get about seven minutes of entrances and introductions. The match starts with two chairs being used. Cornette calls it a “relaxed rules” type match. We have the first match on the show where the ref makes sure no one cheats and admonishes Myron Reed for trying to use a weapon. Then the main event and they start the match off with a chair battle… both matches are not stipulated.
  • Cornette and Rich talk about how great their production team is and how many challenges MLW has gone through to put on this show tonight. Maybe that’s why everything is so garbage this episode. I mean the wrestling is fine, but legit EVERYTHING else other than the wrestling is garbage.
  • Teddy Hart is doing movez while the ref is making sure the chair is still in the ring. Cornette and Rich says Tom Lawlor crawled to the ticket window just now and needs help. He is heading to the emergency room because “he lost a significant portion of his hair”. I shit you not…
  • Teddy is bleeding and it’s dripping. Not like Lawlor’s blood job from last taping. Jimmy is giving Teddy papercuts and suplexing Hart on the guardrail. Teddy is gushing blood and being slammed on the guardrail enough to bend it. The only match that is saving the show and Cornette is shitting on Havoc for doing the spots that are making this match memorable. MLW gonna MLW.
  • The crowd is ooh’ing and aah’ing at moves but the only true reaction is when Havoc put the sharpshooter on Teddy.
  • Teddy has blood dripping down his face while in the Sharpshooter. Reminiscent of Wrestlemania 13 and not Montreal. Guess what one the commentary mentions?
  • Teddy gets the rope break and Cornette asks why is there rope breaks in hardcore matches? Even though earlier it was “relaxed rules”. Rich doesn’t get why there is a rope break either. Havoc hits a Canadian destroyer for two and Teddy busts out a hammerlock DDT on the chair for the win.
  • The Dynasty shows up to beat up Teddy Hart. Jimmy was gonna fight the Dynasty but then The Hart Foundation showed up to make it a brawl and Havoc just walks away…

And I’m Like… I don’t even know what to say about this. You get an array of matches that offer something different. The commentary team doesn’t know what’s going on and when they do know, they shit on whatever is going on in the match. By they I mean Cornette. There is supposed to be a hail storm but the outside is dry. There is supposed to be excessive violence but then it’s described that “Tom lost some hair”. This was such a clusterfuck of a show, especially on the tail of last weeks show. MLW is crazy y’all.

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