Two Signs Taken By Security At Smackdown Live!

There has been quite a lot of talk this year of WWE suppressing fans from showing support to non-WWE wrestling related signs and shirts.

A lot of it is to be taken with a grain of salt. There is photo “evidence” of a fan getting kicked out of a WWE event due to him wearing a Jim Cornette shirt. That fan ended up saying a friend took his phone and tweeted the lie, but word spread enough for Cornette to condemn WWE for their actions before knowing the full story.

Other stories of fans being told to remove their AEW shirts and put on WWE shirts. Tony Khan has stated that fans can wear whatever wrestling promotions shirts they would like at AEW events. So there is definitely a narrative with WWE trying to control what fans see at home. Which is what any business smart company would do. If signs that promote competition or insult the current product are distracting from the television show, they should be removed.

After Smackdown Live! Tweets surfaced of the noticeable “You’re Not MJF” and “Save Us HHH” being taken by security. MJF is an AEW roster member and HHH is said to be next in line to the WWE throne that Vince McMahon currently sits on.

Credit for finding tweets

If you watched Smackdown Live! last night, it would be hard to miss these signs as they were front and center.

The signs may have been removed because of view obstruction. At AEW’s ‘Double or Nothing’ fans were instructed to not bring signs for the same reason. Either way, the content on the signs and the fact they were removed adds to the current narrative of fans voices being suppressed.

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