Jon Moxley Talks About Vince McMahon Tricking Him Into Saying Roman Reigns Leukemia Comment On RAW

Jon Moxley, known by most for his time with WWE where he was known as Dean Ambrose, recently sat down and was a guest on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” Podcast. During the interview he talked about the night on RAW where Roman Reigns revealed that he had leukemia.

Moxley went on to talk about how he was set to appear on camera multiple times throughout the night, and how when he was first given the script for the promo how the words written didn’t make any sense, and that it didn’t do anything to drive home the vision of his character. Moxley actually said that “it was hot garbage awful crap”, and that it very likely came from Vince McMahon.

He went on to say that what really caught his eye from the promo was some joke about a “pooper scooper.” Moxley said, “like something along the lines of ‘I’m not going out there without a pooper scooper.’ So I’m like ‘I’m not saying that. I’m like did Vince write this? They’re like we don’t know who wrote it.” He then went on to say that the trick to getting the script re-written without the pooper scooper line, was to get it to Vince before he saw the actual pooper scooper line because if he saw it then he would love it and say “Ah, that’s such good shit!”

Moxley said that he was exhausted just because of that whole ordeal of trying to get rid of the pooper scooper line, and that he was off to the next shoot. Then he noticed that his next promo had no story, and that everyone was in “self preservation mode, trying not to look like idiots,” and that they were wasting their time trying to get a stupid line removed, then they get the notes from Vince McMahon..

“I go into the writers’ room and I’m like any update yet? They’re like ‘no update yet, but we did get this’ notes from VKM. ‘Dean needs to understand why he needs to insult the audience. Dean needs to read his promos verbatim and not try to rewrite them’ I’m just like the feeling of getting punched in the gut.”

Mox went on to say that it wasn’t the writer’s fault, but that didn’t stop him from yelling at him anyway and asking “Why do I work here?! I’m a professional wrestler.” Moxley went on to say, “if you want someone to read your stupid lines hire an actor cause they’ll probably do a better job than me because I’m not interested in doing it.”

Next he goes on to finally do the live promo on RAW, the portion of the script that had the horrible line about Roman Reigns’ leukemia, which he said that he did not want to do.

“Earlier I had to go into Vince because in this promo there’s a line that’s a very distasteful line taking a jab at my friend who had leukemia and was now going off to recover from that: Roman Reigns. Something that I don’t remember what the line, but I said I’m not saying that, are you kidding me? I’m going right to Vince about this one it is clearly a mistake.”

“I got into the production meeting at the time and said surely you don’t want me to say this and he’s like ‘Oh Roman’s part of the story we gotta make sure he’s still included you turned on him and Seth’ and he kinda explains it to me in like he says it’s a line about Roman you just include him. He kinda says it in an innocuous way so it’s like okay — it’s the Vince Jedi Mind Trick.”

Moxley states that by this point he was already immune to Vince’s tricks, but that he still let it get to him, that time, so he went through with it.

Finally Moxley talks about delivering the line live on TV, and how as soon as he said it that he realized he shouldn’t have said it at all. Instead, had he not been so preoccupied trying to get a stupid “pooper scooper” line removed from the script that he would have been more aware of the fact that the real like he needed to have taken out was the one about Roman Reigns and his a leukemia.

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