24/7 Championship: Where Does it Stand After Last Nights RAW Episode?

As reported earlier today, it was quite the buys weekend for both R-Truth and Drake Maverick. With both men taking to social media to continue their battle for the 24/7 Championship, one trying to keep it, the other trying to take it away, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Monday’s antics would be even crazier. With RAW being on TV that night, the only question in every fan’s mind was, what is going to happen tonight?

Before RAW

Before RAW things kicked off with Drake Maverick tweeting out in the morning a picture that said RAW Kansas City, MO that had a picture of the skyline and next to it a picture of his now infamous wanted posters. A couple of hours later there was another Tweet from Maverick with another picture. This time it was a picture of an Avis car rental board that stated the name Killings, R twice on the board. With this picture, Maverick Tweeted out this comment,

“I have received some intel from a company stooge at @Avis Kansas City Airport. Apparently @RonKillings is the type of man that reserves TWO vehicles?!! #Maverick247 #WWE @WWE #247Title”

The last Tweet that fans received from Maverick before RAW was a video of him outside of the arena where RAW was taking place that night, again handing out flyers, and asking people if they have seen R-Truth. Oddly enough, there were no Tweets or videos from R-Truth before RAW last night.

During RAW

Not much happened when it came to the 24/7 Championship last night on RAW and it left me a little disappointed. There were two spots where both R-Truth and the 24/7 Championship came into play. One moment was during a segment in the arena where a bunch of WWE superstars from the locker room ran after R-Truth trying to successfully retrieved the belt from him. This included a great spot where Maverick was within reach of Truth but just missed him. The other moment on the show was during the Memorial Day BBQ that the USO’s were having outside of the arena. Everyone at the BBQ is watching a game of corn hole being played when suddenly Truth comes barreling through the crowd telling people that if anyone asks, he is not there. He gets cut off though by Kalisto of The Lucha House Party trying to pin him which Truth kicks out of, only to have Karl Anderson try to pin him next, which was also unsuccessful. As Carmella comes to R-Truths rescue and tries to get him out of the BBQ without being noticed, Drake Maverick comes through asking if anyone has seen Truth but Maverick quickly gets pushed out of the way. This leads to every wrestler who has been chasing Truth to start fighting each other while Truth runs away with Carmella. When the other WWE superstars notice that he has left, they all run to chase after him.

After RAW

R-Truth has not been heard of on social media since last night’s episode of RAW. Carmella had posted a GIF of both her and R-Truth peaking their heads out from a doorway which she had captioned,

“Leaving Kansas City like….. #RAW @RonKillings”

However, as always fans did hear some more from Drake Maverick. Maverick posted a GIF of him almost getting to R-Truth during the run in that happened in the area and captioned it,

“Missed. #Maverick247 #WWE @WWE #RAW”

The last Tweet that fans received that night from Drake Maverick was a Tweet that simply stated,

“I need a bigger platform to voice my mission…The @WWEUniverse needs to help me! #Maverick247 #WWE #RAW”

It was not as big of a day for the 24/7 Championship, R-Truth, and Drake Maverick yesterday which leaves me to question what exactly might happen tonight on Smackdown and 205 Live. It almost seems like the calm before the storm. Whatever happens though, I will be intrigued to see what this new championship can bring to the table in the future.

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